Have a Tiffany Christmas

This holiday season there have been some hit commercials from Dick Sporting Goods, Old Spice and Nike. The one ad I’m focusing on in this blog is Tiffany & Co’s holiday commercial.

Many people are LOVING Tiffany & Co’s eighty second commercial focusing on engagement rings. (The one I posted from YouTube is 30 seconds long.)

This commercial was first released in the United States in November and focus on monumental areas in New York including Central Park and Rockefeller Center. The ads have a Frozen meet Mad Men feel to them which attract consumer’s attention.

The ad is animated by Psyop, which also takes a snapshot of scenes from the commercial and place them into Tiffany’s store windows, including the Tiffany & Co on Michigan Ave. The commercials don’t have a heavy meaning, they are basically fun and full of sparkles from the jewelry and snow.

The song, “Out of the Blue” is by Chauncey Jacks and was only created for the sole purpose of the commercial. Unfortunately, the song cannot be purchased or downloaded.

Tiffany & Co, a luxury jewelry store, makes over 20% of the years revenue just on the holiday season alone. They focus on symbols such as their blue box and love in order to advertise effectively.  Most luxury stores create ads based on nostalgia in the past, while Tiffany & Co instead uses a contemporary display of Christmas in US culture.

While the commercial has been a hit thus far, there are critiques who point out that most of the “people” pictured in the story are primarily white, heterosexual couples, which is far from diverse.

What do you think about Tiffany & Co holiday commercials? Do you find them effective?


http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/adweeks-top-5-commercials-week-nov-17-26-161678 (Commercial)

2 thoughts on “Have a Tiffany Christmas

  1. I think that these advertisements are great – because they envoke a romantic feeling in those who see it, it makes them want to recreate those moments with Tiffany’s.


  2. I really like this video. I love the theme and the animation. I think Tiffany did a very good job on promoting holiday spirit and love. I know in the past Tiffany did a video featuring two gay men to promote their new wedding bands, so I disagree with the critics. While this ad does not picture any minorities or homosexuals, I do not believe that reflects the companies views.


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