Military Monster: How Monster Energy Drink Became the Military’s Drink of Choice

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Monster Energy drink is the top-selling drink in the Army and Air Force, P.R specialist Chris Ward told Business Insider. The drink has a military specific Facebook page with almost 100,000 likes. On the page you can find pictures of army members posing with the energy drink and various event photos.

The AAFES, the vendor service that sells merchandise to the army, sold more than 3 million Monster Energy drinks this year alone. The runner up was Mountain Dew. This article draws some comparisons with the other popular energy drink, Red Bull. 

Being part of the military is challenging on soldiers bodies and energy drinks offer a way to endure long hours and training. Soldiers say that Monster helps them focus and handle the unpredictable hours.

Monster is also cheaper than Red Bull energy and has twice as much caffeine. The health freak in me is cringing at “160 milligrams” of caffeine in 16 oz., but I digress. Monster also has a more significant presence with “extreme” such as motor sports, dirt biking, etc. In 2011 Monster sponsored a military tour and launched a collection of cans honoring the U.S armed forces. The energy drink has clearly trail blazed its way into the military’s life by supporting and routing for the troops. As far as I am aware, no other energy drinks have done so in the same manner that Monster Energy has. Monster also holds military specific contests for soldiers to win cars and money.

Probably my favorite part of this article is “Even Red Bulls cans seem like they were made for someone with tiny little hands.” Clearly the military wants to uphold it’s macho-man demeanor and are more inclined to reach for the bigger can. Monster invested their product in the military and in return the troops are loyal to the energy drink.



1.) How Monster Energy Became The Military’s Favorite Beverage (Business Insider)
By: Lutz, Ashley.

One thought on “Military Monster: How Monster Energy Drink Became the Military’s Drink of Choice

  1. This is one of the more interesting things I have heard in a long time. The military has some exclusive deals with certain brands, but the more I think about Monster and the way it’s marketed, the more this makes sense. I’m curious to see what other consumer products like this the military has made their own.


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