Deceptive Food Ads vs. Reality



This is probably one of my favorite articles ever written because I always have seen commercials for McDonalds and Burger King, where the cheeseburgers look like masterpieces, but everyone knows that they come out looking flat and ugly. If you guys have time, watch the video I have attached to this post as well because it shows how much time is put into one picture to Photoshop the burger for McDonald’s to get your mouths watering when you are watching TV. I usually love advertisements and respect the fact that good advertisements have the power to make products and services look appealing to you to get your attention, however I will never support these types of ads. I really hope that people join together to stop these ads from airing!

These types of advertisements are such snakes because the companies blatantly lie to your face and hope that you will believe them and buy their burgers. I have NEVER seen a burger from McDonald’s or burrito from Taco Bell come out to look anywhere near what it looks like on billboards, bus stops, menus or commercials. I know that the old saying, “you get what you pay for” is still valid: a $2 burger should not be expected to look like the fancy, gourmet products that are pictured on the ad.

It is crazy to think that all of the huge fast food restaurants pay a special crew of food stylists, who actually paint the food ( These designers and photographers use up all of their energy to create the perfect fake meal to lure you to buy the product. This commercial that is attached is not surprising, because I already knew that it was not accurate to the actual burger you receive, however it is still really disappointing that the company spends millions of dollars to give a salary to people just to deceive the consumer.

I understand that chains like McDonald’s are really trying to drive sales and make the items look as mouth watering as possible, but I think that it is an example of the ugly side of advertising. They should be spending their money on actually improving the items, not improving the Photoshop in the ads! No one wants to feel like they are being fooled and because of that I think that some sort of legislation or law needs to be passed to stop this trickery from happening!

A Bold, Brave and Black Ad

Many people do not know, but Dunkin’ Donuts is a worldwide company and has many locations all around the globe. The “DD” in Thailand has recently had a 50% increase in sales and many say that it is because of a very popular, yet very controversial ad that was just released in the country.

The advertisement pictures a beautiful, smiling young lady, whose skin was painted charcoal black, wearing a bright pink lipstick and holding the company’s new “charcoal donut.” Obviously, this sparked some anger in people, but none of these offended people are Thai…they are American! The CEO Nadim Salhani says, “So what? It’s just paranoid American thinking.”

His daughter is the one who is the model for the ad. The CEO told the Associated Press that he did not understand why he is not allowed to use the color black to promote the new product, because if the donut was white and he painted someone’s face white, would it still be considered racist? He thinks not.

The American Dunkin’ Donuts posted an apology on its website and promised to take down the advertisement because of it’s “bizarre and racist sensitivity.” The Human Rights Watch even complained about the ad and could not believe how offensive and crazy the campaign was.

I have attached both the magazine/Facebook advertisement for the “charcoal donut,” as well as the commercial for it (sorry it’s all in Thai I could not find English subtitles). Personally, I do not think it is offensive and I believe that it is important to understand the global context of the situation, because even if Americans are offended, the ad is not running in the States. If it was broadcasted in America, people would obviously react in a negative way, but it is on the other side of the planet, so the people of America and every other country need to be more understanding and open-minded about global mindsets in marketing.

The Thai Dunkin’ did not create the advertisement with the intentions of offending people or being racist. They wanted an ad that would be appealing to the eye and of course a pretty girl with bright lips but a pitch-black face would make consumers curious.

I like the concept of the commercial, I think it makes people interested to know more about the donut and makes them want to go out and purchase one. I don’t think that it is insensitive in any way; it simply appears to be a creative marketing tactic.

Sorry America, I’m going to have to side with the Thai people on this one. Stop taking things so seriously!!!!!!!!! Take a chill pill, people!