The North Face Viral Video

by: Jose Vega, Lexi Genge, Lauren Groberski, Tim Lawden, and Hillary Anthony

We wanted to create a video for The North Face that breaks boundaries. Many of younger consumers have come to associate this brand with an unappealing, materialistic culture that we wished to disassociate with using this advertisement. Our intent is to create a lasting impression on consumers in a serious yet comedic way which will be difficult to forget. By creating a short, simple hashtag we hope to create a “buzz” on social media sites that will help re-shape the image of the North Face.

One thought on “The North Face Viral Video

  1. Excellent job! I really enjoyed watching the video and love the image you’re trying to create for the North Face. I agree that is has become a brand that is seen as not having a “human touch” to it and simply being something materialistic people buy.


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