Maroon 5 makes controversial music video “Animals”


I’ve never really been a Maroon 5 fan. I just can’t pin-point what it is exactly that throws me off about this band. It may be the music and the fact that they seem like sell-outs to me, or it may just be the fact that Adam Levine comes off as egotistical. It may just be an amalgam of all of that, along with the fact that his voice is kind of whiny and annoying to me. (I’m sorry to all Maroon 5 fans out there, It’s just my personal opinion) When I heard about the controversy of the new “Animals” video, all previous attitudes about this band were confirmed. This band is just really looking to sell and get attention, and why not do so with a video that would get the attention of many for all the wrong reasons.

Anyways, If you haven’t watched the controversial video here it is:

The video was repulsive and creepy, wasn’t it? In a world where sexual assault and violence against women is such a sensitive topic, why in the world would Maroon 5 make a video that represents that? It was just so wrong in so many levels. It was hard for me to watch it through.

If you don’t have time to watch the video and to set the scene the video starts out with Adam Levine working at a butcher-shop where his current model wife walks in. He is taken aback by her and resorts to become an obsessive psychopath that stalks/follows her and fantasizes about being in bed with her. And let’s not forget the lyrics of “Baby you think you can hide, but I can smell your scent for miles” or “Baby I’m preying on you tonight, hunt you down, eat you alive.” Stalking someone or “preying on someone” is not sexy. It’s like “Blurred Lines” all over again where women are made into objects; an underlying theme that is highly common in today’s media and music. What if someone that has been stalked sees this? As Grimaldi highlights on The Torch, this video can definitely be a “trigger” for someone that has experienced such “atrocities.”

It’s important to note that the media is a powerful tool that has the capacity to create culture, and portraying stalking or sexual assault as something sexy can often be interpreted as something that is accepted. But in a world where women have been deemed as inferior and as objects, it is important for artists to be careful about what they are portraying.

What was your response when you saw this video? Do you think its controversial?


Grimaldi, L. (2014, October 13). Maroon 5’s new music video ‘Animals’ crosses the line. Retrieved from

5 thoughts on “Maroon 5 makes controversial music video “Animals”

  1. I definitely think that the video is verging on the creepy side, like he talks of stalking her all while stroking sharp instruments and surrounding himself with blood covered meat? Slightly weird. However, I do feel that people may be a bit too sensitive when it comes to subject matters such as music and art. If we get offended at everything that is strange and uncomfortable in the art world, I’m sorry but we would have little left. It’s all about expression, and if you feel that the subject matter may offend you then maybe find something different to watch.


  2. Interesting take on the video- I wonder what the producers were thinking when they created this concept. I actually agree with this but do not put it on the same pedestal as Blurred Lines— that is more saliently sexist. I do, however, not care for this video and think it is bad for the Maroon 5 brand- what was once a pop group is now a group that sexualizes models and butchers meat?


  3. This video is very over the top. However, it clearly works. Maroon 5 is attempting to generate buzz based on the strangeness of the video and they’ve definitely accomplished that. I agree that the lyrical content is creepy and dominating, but it isn’t unique. So many artists, male and female, makes songs like this. The video is way over the top and I’m not a fan, but the point of the video is to generate controversy.


  4. I think the video is disgusting and offensive and is totally ineffective in a world that is starting to notice sexism. Women are making a stand in today’s modern world and aren’t accepting things they used to. This video has had a ton of bad press and if musicians keep this kind of sexism up in their videos, they aren’t going to be seeing much success in future generations.


  5. While I understand that this video makes some people uncomfortable and may offend them but I strongly believe that artists have the responsibility to push boundaries of the social norm.


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