The Next BIG Thing for Apple

So most of you know that I am a droid user by cellphone and an apple user by computer. I always get asked the questions like, “Why don’t you have an iPhone?, Why isn’t apple all of your ‘tech’ devices? Truth is, I just got comfortable with my Apple computer. I do LOVE it. But I am still and probably will always be a droid user for my cellphone. I speak of Droid v Apple because that is always the debate. So I decided to look into what Apple has planned. Does their DROID competition give them something to think about.

Recently, someone pretty much made fun of me because my Galaxy Note 3 is quite larger than that of an iPhone. I love my “tablet” as my friends call it. It has some pretty cool features. So I wondered if Apple ever thought of going BIGGER or staying smaller. And what do you know. THEY ARE. Tim Cook Apple’s CEO recently sent out an email to Apple employees to tell them that there are some great new changes coming Apple’s way. I was shocked when I read the products that Apple is currently looking to produce.

1. A LARGER iPhone. Yes I said, with all the talk about how normal the size of regular iPhone is compared to Samsung and Droid phones, I was shocked this idea was even thought of. It is rumored that it will have a faster chip and a more sleek design with curved edges. Even though iPhones update yearly, this product design’s target isn’t until late September or October.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.12.01 PM


See the similarity. Bigger sometimes is better.


2. A LARGER iPad Pro. It will have the same functions and look much like that of our regular 13.3 processors. Funny how they are coming up with all of this. I do think its cool even though I only own a Mac Book Air and a Mac Book Pro. All we really know is the size and design type. There is no absoulte date on which this product will be released.




Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.15.30 PM


3. iWatch!! Yes and where have we seen or heard this before,…right SAMSUNG smart phone watch. So I am not surprised that Apple has this up their sleeves. The concept of the smart watch in general is definitely innovative. It is designed to accompany the iPhone and the iPad. It will have common iOS functions. It is expected to be released in the second half of this year.


4. Apple TV. Also another one I am sure Apple has been waiting to produce and release. They have placed production for Apple TV on hold to finish and focus on the other products like the iWatch. However, if the TV does get in production it is rumored to have features like an App store and Siri. The difference between what it will look like and most televisions is the new set top box that will bundle such features mentioned.


Overall, I never really follow what Apple is doing. It always kind of just hits me when a new product is released. I took notice this time because I am always getting clowned about my DROID that I love and I love my Apple products too. Customer and brand loyalty is hard sometimes, I am excited to see how these new products work in the future. 2014 looks like it is going to be a BIG year for Apple’s mark on innovation!




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3 thoughts on “The Next BIG Thing for Apple

  1. I am not an Apple user and I do not plan on being on unless I receive something that is free from Apple. Just like you I’m a Droid fan and I love the fact that Droid gives me less limitations than Apple. Even though Apple is going into various markets with their products one thing they have going for themselves is the value consumers place on Apple products. Apple understands that their products give people a “social status”. However, Apple can come out with as many products as they want, the competition is always going to have better products. The only difference is the competition might not give its consumers the same social status that Apple gives.


  2. Trends are so interesting Tika dahling. My friend was JUST talking to me about how he was going to wait for the new iPhone before renewing his contract– it was the first time for me hearing that iPhone 6 is on its way. I was like, “Already? Wasn’t iPhone 5’s release like a year ago?” Now funny thing that you and my friend mentioned that OK now it seems that screen-size is trending towards ‘bigger is better’ still. I think to myself soon Apple will have EVERY hand-held screen size available for consumers from the micro iPod all the way to the iPad and onto the 24″ desktops. *sigh Oh consumerism.


  3. I have being an apple user since six years ago. I didn’t follow the latest product that released by Apple. I just simply bought want I need. However, with I’m getting more and more Apple products, I started to pay attention to the company’s news and their upcoming new products. I use Apple products to finish my work, to communicate with my friends, to listen to music, to explore the internet world, to entertain myself…It seems like Apple is no longer a digital devices to me, it is also a part of my daily life.


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