Communication sucks…

That honestly is the best way I can put it; in the 21st century and the new wave of media- we forgot how to communicate. We have all noticed someone we know putting more on a social networking than necessary. People honestly tell whole stories on there; post pictures of things or events they shouldn’t  and frankly its annoying. The reason why it is so annoying because honestly no one else’s business and they expect you to keep up with their business via social media and not real communication.

With these new fangled ways to communicate people would rather approach you via social media and use that as their main form of communication. The weird thing is that people actually feel that it is easier to date this way. People are actually scared of face to face interaction for fear of judgement. What happened to those days where people actually asked for your phone number, called you and you guys met up for conversation.

The amount of miscommunication that ensues when typing or texting a message to your friends

1. The tone can be misunderstood

2. You spell many things wrong

3. Autocorrect can be the devil

4. You send it to the wrong person

5. They do not respond.

It is so many things that can potentially through you off when communicating via social media; I mean who is to even say that they person is who they say they are?  Have you ever seen catfish? There is a whole show dedicated to people hiding their identities behind social media so what makes you think its ok to communicate that way?


The way we communicate changes the world daily; things spread virally way before a face to conversation and does that not scare you a little bit?

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.39.56 PM


I am terrified of not communicating effectively and honestly! And maybe it is because I love to talk on the phone! I also get off on stimulating conversation!  What happens when we no longer feel the need to talk to someone? My fear is that it will get to the point that people will stay home all day and never speak to anyone. We already are the point where we hang out with and are constantly on the phone when we hang out with our close friends.





This is sad and this should scare you. People do not even realize that social media is making us anti social. The weird thing is I think that we want it that way. Do this for me; walk into a Starbucks, Nordstrom or a public social setting and count how many people you see on their phone. Are you on your phone?





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8 thoughts on “THE DATING GAME – ARE YOU ANTI- social?

  1. This is so funny because it’s true! The word “social media” is almost a paradox – it makes us so unsocial! My sister grew up in this Digital Age, having her first iphone at 13, and my mom said she’s noticed a difference between how she interacts with people versus the way that my siblings and I used to. She posts a ton on social media, but when it comes to speaking to someone, it’s a little more difficult for her. I even notice myself on my phone too much. I am going on a trip this weekend, and I want to make it a point to put my phone away when I really don’t need it. I hope I can enjoy the environment without latching onto social media!


    • Actually, I sorta of disagree with your first sentence. It may take away from in-person, face-to-face communication, but social media indeed makes us more social but in a digital landscape. Every time you “Like” a Facebook post, Retweet a tweet or write a post on Yelp or a forum, I’d say that’s being social. The definition of the word itself does not only ascribe to a particular form of communication.


  2. I definitely agree. It is weird how we communicate via social media and in using our technological devices. I think that communication is misconstrued at times because we all have different ways of saying how we feel. Our attitudes and how we respond to certain situations are generally not the same and social media does a great job of putting what we want to say out in the open, but how the receiver or spectator interprets what we say is not on us. This makes communication tricky. I believe just being outright and honest and straying away from metaphoric language would save us a lot of trouble. And I think because we don’t always have to FACE the people we are talking to, it makes us hide behind the social media as a vice of communicating. We are social with social media, but it takes us away from forming and allowing others to understand and develop interpersonal relationships.


  3. Social life has not been the same since social networking sites took off. The time that we are living in is scary. Participating in online dating is a risky move but it might be something that many people are participating in because they do not have the time to meet people. I do agree that people are becoming too used to technology and cellphones are practically another body part for many. Yet, I think we also need to take into consideration that it might not be such a bad thing if our lives are moving so fast that we need technology to help us pump the brakes.


  4. I was like, you already got enough comments here, but dang… great blog Nia. Powerful video. Escapism comes in countless forms. Especially today. We all need our breaks from reality, but when it comes to complete escape and trying to hold onto what we love so that it doesn’t grow beyond our control that’s when love stagnates. When a mom holds on too tight to a coming-of-age child, when a bf or gf holds on too tight to his or her lover, when we substitute consumption of fiction for engaging reality, when things drive us and not people… and here, when the desire to connect on a deeper level doesn’t have room to grow because we just want to enjoy the safety and distance a computer screen offers. Again, thanks for sharing Nia.


  5. It’s so hard to deal with people who are always on their phones because they don’t pay attention! I was in my basement once with a bunch of friends (and I don’t have Facebook) who were hanging out. One of them took a picture and instantly uploaded it to Facebook. The next thing I know everyone is on Facebook commenting on the picture and talking that way. It was the most bazaar thing to watch and be a part of because they would rather be on their phones and speak than actually speak in person. Hopefully people will realize sometimes a break from technology is good.


  6. It remind me when I first arrive in the US and I was, and still I am surprised by the amount of people sitting in cafeterias watching at they laptops screens or phones (and I saw several time the same scene in other places, included the elevator of my building) and unable to start or conduct any kind of verbal conversation. I believe that a society were people can not say more than asking if “everything it’s ok” for hearing that “everything is great” as a huge problem in expressing their real needs and enjoy their life as part of a society and not only a withdrawn individual.


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