‘Got Milk’ Dropped

The incredibly famous ‘Got Milk’ tagline created by the California Milk Processor board in 1995 has been replaced with a new tagline, called “Milk Life”. Why the change? The Milk Processor Education Program is seeking to provide consumers more information regarding the nutritional value of milk as well as why it should be a breakfast staple, in hopes to give the industry the boost it needs in order to be compared to other beverages and other breakfast food choices. The ‘Got Milk’ advertisements are definitely memorable, but the board has decided that they are not providing consumers with the information they really need when it comes time to make beverage purchases. These new advertisements will feature milk fueling people through their daily activities whether it be running, playing in a band, or playing sports.

  It is not that I do not agree with the board’s plan to provide consumers with nutritional information, but I definitely do not agree that this is the absolute best decision moving forward with the industry. Just in class today we discussed taglines that are memorable to us, and several people identified the ‘Got Milk’ campaign as being one of them. The images of our favorite celebrities, athletes, and idols holding a tall glass of milk while demonstrating their milk mustache is still imprinted in our memory, and that is going to be hard to replace or erase. When it comes down to it, the ‘Got Milk’ campaigns stood out among others because they did not clutter consumers with too much information regarding the value of the beverage, they were simple and to the point…and were fun to look at. This new campaign will definitely be important in providing us with information, but I really do not know if they are going to help the milk industry stand out among other beverage companies.

Schultz, E. (n.d.). ‘Got Milk’ Dropped as National Milk Industry Changes Tactics. Advertising Age News RSS. Retrieved February 24, 2014, from http://adage.com/article/news/milk-dropped-national-milk-industry-tactics/291819/

4 thoughts on “‘Got Milk’ Dropped

  1. I don’t want to hear about the nutritional value of milk; I want to see famous people with milk mustaches. The advertising people behind this are really losing touch with their consumers.


  2. I think getting rid of their infamous tagline “got milk” was a bad decision. People associate the brand with the tagline; there’s a sense of loyalty to that tagline because we’ve grown up on it, so to have such a sudden dramatic change won’t sit well for their audience. I think they could have played around with different headlines on their advertisements instead that gives more information about the health value.


  3. I have to agree with the previous two comments; dropping such a well known campaign is probably not the best idea. I don’t know many people who doubt or are unaware of the nutritional value of milk, so changing their advertising seems unnecessary. Its hard for brands to create a campaign that people really seem to enjoy, so I’m surprised that they want to change it.


  4. I am lactose intolerant and cannot even drink milk, however, I am a little mad that they aren’t sticking with their got-milk slogan. Like previously stated, nobody really cares what’s in milk.. it’s milk. Milk is one of those things that’s sort of hard to advertise, because we drink it regardless and we know where it comes from. So I definitely feel that they are making a mistake in dropping the ‘got milk’.


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