Advantages of Digital Media

Digital marketing is the advancement of your organization or brand using one or more of the various digital channels, such as email, cellular phones, social networks and the like (What’s Digital Marketing).  This type of marketing is direct, and in today’s society extremely effective due to the technology advancements.  Most people use smartphones, which are readably available to the Internet, email, and social networks.

I work for a high-end travel agency called Down Under Endeavours, and we use digital marketing on a daily basis to connect with clients and potential clients.  Down Under Endeavours has a Facebook page, Twitter account and a Pinterest, these different social media channels help us connect with others on a desirable and interesting level.  Statistics have shown that people will “like” more pictures that have food or animals in them.  Our company has taken these statistics into account, and will post these kinds of pictures on our social media sites at times.  It is important to know your product and your audience for advertising to be effective, and at Down Under Endeavours our audience is honeymooners, bucketl-isters, and empty nesters.  We make sure to tailor our social media sites to their interests.

One of digital medias main benefits is that it reduces costs (Mandell).  There is less need for manufacturing companies because now products can be uploaded straight to the Internet.  In Mandelll’s article The Benefits of Digital Media, he uses the example that now people listen to music or watch videos or TV shows on their computers (Mandell).  This is creating less need for disks and hard copies, in return making production costs cheaper.  Aside from being less costly digital media reaches a broader scope of people at a faster rate.  Social media is not limited to just a handful of people, anyone with access to the Internet will be able to find what is being put out there.

Social media is the new form of communication whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  People are constantly checking these channels because of how easily accessible they are.  Advertisers take full advantage of these social media sites whether it is posting banner ads, creating their own social media site for advertisement.  I personally use media sites more than reading a magazine or newspaper; this new age has lead advertisers to find new ways to get their products and ideas to the public.

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3 thoughts on “Advantages of Digital Media

  1. I agree that social media channels offer a lot of potential for advertisers. I think that there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out in order to develop ‘best practices’ for engaging consumers via social media. Most people that I know are still very annoyed by advertising on social media sites. One of the biggest upsides of digital media advertising is that if a campaign isn’t working, it can easily be changed on the fly and campaigns can become dynamic activities with which both consumers and advertisers interact.


  2. Social media and advertising is the new thing, but I also appreciate print ads that I can hold in my hand and look at without getting a headache. I do not fully understand why, but ads online and on sites are more bothersome to me than ads I see in a magazine or newspaper I am reading.


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