I think we all have seen the video I’ve provided above. I Remember seeing this for the first time and I was in complete shock. It definitely brings in a social and relatable component that some commercials leave out. I think the incorporation of these videos that are coming out on YouTube tend to inspire people. I know after watching this I was like wow it must be really interesting to kiss a stranger, on camera, for the purpose of revealing how awkward yet passionate it is to kissing a stranger and have it all recorded.

When I found out this was an ad for a clothing company I am not going to lie I was pretty bummed. The company is called Wren. It is a fashion clothing store who’s CEO created this commercial to showcase her fall collection for’s Video Fashion Week. It started out as a video shared with 21 people, and over night and the following month, the video reached millions of views. Today it has reached around 42 million views and counting.

This commercial was lovely. However I was quite upset when I found out that it was a real video of strangers kissing. Well it was, but it was only create to show a clothing line. I think this is what got a lot of people upset or turned off by the video because it takes away from the original content and turns it into another cheesy advertisement a company has made. Regardless, sales jumped significantly for the company after the video went viral as well as the song, We Might Be Dead Tomorrow sales by Soko. I think this was a great way for companies to really think about how they are reaching their audience. I think more companies need to reflect on the effects of this ad and really think about different create ways that their company can expand their brand awareness.

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