How A Brand Changes their Ads for the Seasons

I wanted to focus on Coca Cola for this blog because I think they do a great job marketing their product during the different seasons. The two seasons that I decided to focus on was Christmas and Summer! Summer obviously does a great job getting promotion and selling their nice cold and refreshing beverage during the hot summer months. With the classic polar bear cooling off with a cold Coca Cola on the iconic can, Coke has been successful in creating an iconic marketing strategy for their company. Their commercials are usually really striking and tie in old memories that people can make connections with during any season. I have attached below a video of a Coke commercial in the summer. This commercial to me definitely brings back memories of going out and being outside with your friends all summer and jus being kids.

The second season I want to talk about is Christmas. Coca Cola is HUGE for promoting their “ice cold beverage” as a tradition during the holiday season. During this time they wrap  santa claus on the can and completely changes the experience of drinking the product. During this time everyone is gathering together to have fun and enjoy being around loved ones. I think coke does a great job in creating this moment for people through their commercials. Their holiday commercials can easily remind a person what the holiday season is really all about: family, love, and happiness.

I wanted to look at this brand and how I personally thought they were able to transition and use the seasons as huge selling points for their company. I think Coca Cola is an excellent brand for this as I really do believe that they are able to provide the customer with a personal experience no matter what the season. I think they do a create job of changing the appeal of their drink while keeping the purpose of enjoying it with family and loved ones.

One thought on “How A Brand Changes their Ads for the Seasons

  1. It’s an interesting idea, talking about how companies change their techniques for different seasons. I think this a good thing to take in effect when creating ads. IT’s important to understand the difference between the seasons and the types of moods people may be in. Moods and personalities are a huge factor in advertising because you have to market to your audience and what they want.


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