Couture Fashion Week Joins the Digital Age


New York City is getting ready for Couture Fashion Week. Coming up February 12-15, the event will take place in Times Square and Broadway area. “The billboard is on the exterior of the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, 1605 Broadway.” These ads will show parts of the fashion shows and also products and services to buy. About 200 companies will be able to display their ads here.

Couture Fashion week founder and producer Andres Aquino said about the billboard, “It makes perfect sense to have our billboard in Times Square. Fashion, entertainment and business reach an average of 330,000 tourists and passersby daily. New York is both the fashion capital and theater capital of the world. We are excited about this concept which we started last season, and are expanding into more days for February 2015.”

There are four different ad options available:

“8 second ad shown 48 times per day (once every 30 minutes): $2,000
16 second ad shown 48 times per day (once every 30 minutes): $4,000
8 second ad shown 96 times per day (once every 15 minutes): $4,000
16 second ad shown 96 times per day (once every 15 minutes): $8,000”

The fashion show started in 2005 and features designers from around the world. Performers at the show include pop signer Brielle and different Broadway actors. Tickets are non-refundable and can range from $50 to $2,000.

I think this Billboard is a great way to get word out about this event. Hundreds of thousands of people walk through Times Square every day. New York City is full of fashionistas, and if I saw an advertisement for a fashion show while walking through the city I would definitely look into it. It is a very smart move to move to digital advertising like this since the world of advertising is continuing to advance further and further. Although this ad technique started last year, they are expanding on it and making it more known this year.

Do you guys think this is a good way to advertise? Should companies spend the money to have their products and services splashed all over Times Square? I think it is a no brainer. Companies would get so much exposure in a big city like New York and in such a populated area like Times Square.


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2 thoughts on “Couture Fashion Week Joins the Digital Age

  1. New York City has one of the most in your face advertising scenes in the country. The intense amount of media that is projected towards an individual can be overwhelming, but I think this idea is great considering the location it is at and the function it serves. Companies just need to be conscious of the content they place on it, to make sure it is dynamic and eye-catching.


  2. First of all, being someone who loves fashion, I LOVE THIS! I also think that New York City is such an amazing place to really incorporate what you are doing into the city. I think for any company, organization, or brand it is vital in this day in age that you get your name on digital media sources. It is crucial for your brand!


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