Have you ever wondered what would happen to you if you were struck by a rainbow? No? Let me tell you the story of the Skittle Man. Once upon a time, an ordinary man was just hanging out outdoor and he was struck by a rainbow miraculously. And then, he underwent a physical transformation that his skin is now replaced by Skittles. I don’t mean to be judgmental but he looked creepy in the video. He now saves money from going to the barbershop and when Skittles keeps falling off of his body like exfoliation. Because of the way he is now, as a Skittles man, his wife has to cope with this situation and constantly pick up the Skittles that is falling off of him. Besides, he became famous in the neighborhood because if his appearance and the fact that he was struck by a rainbow.

This ad is outlandish and weird in some way. It is intended to imitate a documentary that would “win a prize at Sunday or Cannes”, which tells the hardship that the Skittles man has to go through after the physical transformation. This ad takes creativity to a whole new level that it had become bizarre. Bizarre in a way that people would remember. I am still confused if I liked the ad but it is definitely a different approach that a candy company took to promote its candy. Effective or no? I think it is up to the viewer because ads like this is hard rather subjective since there is no clear emotions that the ad is trying to bring across.

What do you think?


What Is It Like to Have Skittles for Skin? This ‘Documentary’ Reveals the Hardships. (2014, December 10). Retrieved December 14, 2014, from


  1. Personally, I find Skittle’s commercials to be uber strange. I think that’s the type of commercials they want though. I know that they are a successful company, but the commercials over the years have a negative affect on how I view the brand. I would choose M&M’s over Skittles any day of the week! It’s partially due to my food preference, but also I think the advertisements for M&M’s are more suited for a target audience such as myself vs others who are skittles target audience. Skittles are attracting viewers who prefer fantasy/psychological advertisements versus someone as myself who prefers cute/happy/funny commercials. More power to them though!

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  2. I always thought that the Skittles advertisements were strange. They never seem to have a long-running theme of any kind, or really have anything that resonates with their consumers. Besides the slogan “Taste the Rainbow”, the advertisements only get more and more bizarre as they come out. They must be making good sales number, because these advertisements are so outlandish, I actually think that they lack creativity.


  3. This is very weird. I really don’t know what to think. On one hand, Skittle is known for their strange, out-of-the-box commercials. On the other, the video is three and a half minutes long and I don’t know how many people will want to sit and watch the whole thing. I agree that the Skittles man is kind of creepy and diseased looking. Props to Skittles for creative thinking.


  4. I usually think skittles commercials are really weird and this one probably takes the cake on it. I think that they are being creative but what is going too far?


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