As an International student, I experience homesickness a lot, sometimes every the slightest memory from home makes me nostalgic and I always wanted to bring a piece of home with me so that I can remind me myself of the moments and also because I am afraid that I might forget something from home that I do not wish to forget. So, when I watch this ad from Air Wick about a father who was enlisted in the army and leaving his family and home to serve the country, I somehow can relate the homesickness he felt.

Now that I found out Air Wick has a new product- a scented candles that can remind you of your home by stimulating your sense of smell. The obtain molecules of a scent you want to be reminded of and make it into a candle. When the candle is lighted, you smell home and you feel like home. This is a smart marketing strategy because Air Wick knows that everyone is vulnerable to feeling lonely, away from family and missing the loved ones. Once again, the strategy of pulling the heartstring is used.

I think that this product is very innovative and I am really curious about how the candles smell like. Are the scents accurate and in accordance with your olfactory memory that reminds you of something memorable? Will they smell weird if you chose a scent like your socks? Also, if an individual is being reminded of his or her home too much, wouldn’t he or she be more vulnerable and sad and be prevented from moving on toward his or her mission or goals?


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