Farmer’s Fridge

While I was walking back from Christkindmarket this weekend, I discovered an unusual looking vending machine. It was larger than an ordinary vphoto 1ending machine  and it was made of all wood. My friends and I took a closer look and discovered an innovating healthy vending machine called Farmer’s Fridge. Inside this machine were fresh salads all placed in a glass jar. Inside the jar there consisted a variety of salads with fresh ingredients that you selected on a touch screen. The dressing was also located in the machine. What made this machine fascinating was how user-friendly it was. Each image of the salad also showed the nutrition (calories) and ingredients in it. All you had to do was select the salad you want, apply the 20% off coupon that was listed next to the computer and voila! The salad would dispense from the machine and you can eat your healthy meal on the go!

My friends and I loved how creative this idea was! The machine was interactivphoto 2e which brought life into a mundane lunch break. It changes the concept that only vending machines consist of unhealthy foods, which means junk food is easy to get, not healthy foods. At first, I was cautious about the fresh food being placed in a vending machine. Fresh foods go bad quickly because there are no preservatives in it. I was wrong! As I researched the company, I discovered that the food is replaced every day and the packaging is made out of recyclable plastics which have an extremely low oxygen diffusion rate. This allows less oxygen to hit the food making it last longer without the use of artificial ingredients. Every unsold salad after 6 pm is discounted by a $1 and ever unsold are distributed to a local food pantry.

Farmer’s Fridge is changing the way in which people can buy healthy foods. You can buy delicious, healthful foods at affordable cost within minutes. Farmer’s Fridge was able to position their company as an innovative and sustainable company which is photo 5changing the way American’s consume food on the run. The incorporation of a digital kiosk also makes them ahead of other vending machines/fresh food companies.

I’m excited to see how Farmer’s Fridge will do in the future. For now, they are able to incorporate consumer’s time and need for a healthy diet all in one!

One thought on “Farmer’s Fridge

  1. This is awesome! I agree it is a great alternative to the unhealthy options that are normally in vending machines. I will be excited to see more of these pop up and I hope I will get to try one soon. I hope they last! I think in order for these to gain popularity they need to be better advertised. I have never heard of this until reading this blog post, but I think a lot of people would enjoy these vending machines!


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