This is an unusual Christmas ad that I stumbled across online. Sure, everyone wants a piece of Christmas when it’s December but Glico, a Japanese snack company took a different approach to create a Christmas ad. They sure put a lot of effort in the ad and a lot of editing and training to come out with this masterpiece. It is unusual because it is not a touching ad or a heartwarming ad which most of the companies are heading toward. Instead, it is a compilation of Christmas songs put together by the sound of cracking, rattling and crunching the snacks.

The main product that is highlighted in the video is Pocky, a chocolate-coated biscuit stick. Breaking the Pocky sticks by making different shapes of the mouth produces different sounds and tunes. With heavy editing, song like “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”, “Joy To The World” and “Jingle Bells” are made into a medley. It is interesting to see how the sequence and order are choreographed so neatly according to the beat of the songs. It looks like a lot of fun!

Not only is the company on time for the festive season’s bandwagon, it is also trying to promote its smile.glico campaign with an aim to bring smiles to the consumers around the globe because they believe in smiles when people have sweet experiences. The energy that the commercials send across is very positive and they give our happy vibes to the viewers so that when they consume glico’s product they recall the happiness they felt when they watched the commercials. Also, nobody wants a sad Christmas.

From the smile.glico video and the goal of the campaign, we can clearly see that glico is trying to expand the company’s reach to other parts of the world. It was not stated clearly where exactly but definitely outside of asia and they see Christmas as a big opportunity because it’s a worldwide celebration that people with different cultural backgrounds share the same concept of Christmas and similar emotions they feel toward Christmas. When people are on the same page, the message is easier to transmit across no matter where they are from.

In conclusion, big festive seasons like Christmas is a big opportunity to be monetized and capitalized, sad but true. I hope that the true meaning of celebrating Christmas will not be forgotten and it is not about how expensive the presents are but how sincere they are. Also, don’t forget to be happy, thankful and at the same time cherish your loved ones. Happy holidays!


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  1. I love this ad! It’s extremely creative using the product to re-create famous Christmas songs. Very effective storytelling ad technique! It can be mundane seeing Christmas commercials, but this ad was unusual, positive and creative!


  2. This is such a fun commercial! It is very creative. I have actually had Pocky before and this video is making me crave it. Although at some points I stubbled figuring out which Christmas song is was, overall I understood the message the company was trying to tell. I love Christmas ads, and it was fun to see one from a different country.


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