Getting “Saucey”

For those of you of age drinkers out there (And you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco), “Saucey” might be the best app you’ve ever downloaded.  Saucey is an alcohol delivery app that is trying to differentiate themselves from other alcohol delivery apps out there such as Drizly, and MiniBar.  In fact, they are referring to themselves as “the Uber of alcohol.”  The app allows for users to purchase alcohol from the app and have it delivered directly to their door, but Saucey is doing it a little differently.  Currently, the app is running a promotion with Jack Daniels that has a Frank Sinatra impersonator deliver their whisky.  “To qualify, buyers must use a special Sinatra ordering code, or buy one of several Sinatra packages. That includes a deal called the “Rat Pack” that comes with the Sinatra Select super-premium version of Jack Daniel’s along with cigars. Mr. Sinatra, who famously referred to Jack Daniel’s as the “nectar of the gods,” would have turned age 99 on Friday, which is the hook for the promotion.”

Earlier in the year, Saucey partnered with Anheuser-Busch, and the MeUndies brand which involved delivering alcohol with male or female pajamas by MeUndies.  Also, they plan on partnering with Absolut that will include ingredients to make snazzy holiday cocktails.

There is one shining light in all of this, Chicago does have a few delivery apps that cater to the city, though they don’t come along with pajamas and impersonators.  (Check out Drizly!)

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2 thoughts on “Getting “Saucey”

  1. I have never heard of “saucy” before but I love how they incorporate purchasing alcohol on an app! The use of Frank Sinatra (who is my idol) interested me in using it although I don’t drink! In addition,I respect this product because people who drink aren’t putting themselves or others at risk by going out and buying alcohol while they may be intoxicated. Instead, someone is delivering it to them. Great job!


  2. This app sounds so cool. The customer gets drinks and a show. If I were 21 I would totally use this app just to see the Frank Sinatra impersonator. My one major question is the cost. How much does all of this cost just to get a bottle of booze. Calling themselves “the uber of alcohol” is pretty big deal, so they better be ready to live up to that.


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