Instagram: The Ultimate Digital Marketer

In the recent year, Instagram popularity has grown tremendously, even beating out some of the most popular social media sites. “Instagram now has 300 million monthly users, picking up 100 million since March. The photo- and video-sharing app has surpassed Twitter’s official user count of 284 million,” explains Garett Sloane on AdWeek’s recent article. Instagram has become extremely popular for both food and apparel inspiration. Companies such as J. Crew, Lululemon and Whole Foods have taken advantage of their growth and have expanded their audience. By providing new style tips and fun food recipes, the audience stays engaged with the organization on a new level.

Stella Artois started a new marketing campaign called “Give Beautifully” on Instagram and YouTube for the holiday season. Stella Artois will be running a total of six photos on Instagram in relation to their “Four Stories of Giving” on YouTube. These photos’ purposes are to enhance the experience you have when drinking Stella Artois. “Given the commitment to artistry and sophistication that defines the Stella Artois brand, we thought featuring imagery support the brand’s holiday campaign, ‘Give Beautifully,’ would be the perfect fit,” says Lucas Herscovici in the AdWeek article cover Stella Artois’ campaign.

One of Stella Artois’ six photos on Instagram:


One of Stella Artois’ “Four Stories of Giving” YouTube videos:

What are your thoughts on marketing through Instagram? Do you find it effective?

2 thoughts on “Instagram: The Ultimate Digital Marketer

  1. I find it very effective, personally. I have started to steer clear of Facebook and Twitter because frankly I’ve stopped caring about everyone’s little comments throughout the day. With Instagram, (in most cases) people do not post constantly, therefore it is more appealing to use. I follow many brands on Instagram, and they also provide good giveaways and discounts too!


  2. Personally, I find advertising on Instagram is effective. I use instagram everyday, almost addicted to it. It was Facebook but now Instagram is the new must-go social app for me. Picture paints a thousand words. so, just by posting a beautiful and high quality picture on instagram, the number of likes will soar sky-high. it is easier and less effort to post a nice picture to advertise than to make a creative video commercial which costs a fortune. Also, the tagging feature and link in bio on instagram is effective for advertising.


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