Drunk Facebook

We’ve all been there. Sitting at second or third bar of the night and posting pictures of you and your friends on Facebook while slightly intoxicated. It’s only a problem when you wake up the next day and realize what you did.

If this scwhen youre drunkenario is all too familiar to you, worry no more! Facebook is creating a ‘Digital Assistant’ that will save you from your drunk self. That’s right; Facebook is working on a program that will prevent you from posting on Facebook while inebriated.

So, how does it work? Basically, Facebook’s new program will use your phone’s front-facing camera to determine if you’re drunk based on how you look. The program begins to take pictures of you when you post on Facebook and analyzes these pictures in order to determine how you look when you’re sober. Then, if you try and post when you’re drunk it will be able to tell by the way you look and will not allow you to post.

In addition to preventing you to from posting when you’re drunk, the program will also prevent other people from posting pictures of you that you are unaware that you are in. If Facebook sees a picture of you uploaded without notifying you, it will prevent it from being posted until you authorize it. This protects you from pictures that are uploaded by others.

While the feature that prevents other people from posting pictures of you is very nice, the program that looks at you and prevents you from posting while you’re drunk is sort of creepy. I’m not sure people are going to want their phones analyzing how drunk they are and not allowing them to post online. I think that this should not be a problem that occurs frequently enough to merit the need to have a Facebook nanny-cam.

Developing this technology has to be extremely expensive for Facebook and I think that drunk users are not their problem to deal with. Facebook is meant to be a social media mobile application, not a visual breathalyzer. If people are not responsible enough to stay off of Facebook when they are drunk, then they should have to deal with the repercussions of their actions.

While I think that this program does showcase a cool technology, I don’t think anybody is going to want Facebook to know when they are drunk. I’ll be curious to see how popular the program is once it’s released.


Koch, C. (2014, December 9). Facebook Wants To Stop You From Uploading Drunk Pictures Of Yourself : T-Lounge : Tech Times. Retrieved from http://www.techtimes.com/articles/21825/20141209/facebook-stop-uploading-drunk-pictures-yourself.htm

5 thoughts on “Drunk Facebook

  1. First, why doesn’t Facebook use this effort to prevent posting obscene pictures or offensive picture instead of drunk pictures which doesn’t do much harm. Also, it is a personal choice to post a drunk picture because some people think they look good/happy drunk or some people just want to tell the world that they are having fun. I mean if it is an expensive venture for Facebook then i think Facebook should use the money on a more meaningful or helpful cause.


  2. This is why I dislike Facebook. At first, they were a cool social media site, now with the manner in which they sell businesses your information and limit privacy, they are taking far too much control in ones life. This example is proof of how much more control they are forcing. If someone is intoxicated, what they do while they are drunk is their decision. Facebook has NO right to interfere. In addition, Facebook should be more focused on removing obscene photos and pages that promote hate amongst religions/people etc instead of worrying about if someone posts a photo when they are drunk. Facebook needs to get its priorities straight.


  3. I honestly thought this was a joke when I read this. I haven’t heard anything about this yet, but I would like to do some more research on it. I agree with hanthony2’s comment, what if it is just a very bad picture of a person and they are not actually drunk. I think there are some issues that need to be worked out and a lot of explaining before Facebook actually does something about releasing this new feature.


  4. I agree with lnowak2’s comment completely. I think the amount of control that Facebook is trying to instill upon it’s users is not fair nor worth the effort and there are much better actions Facebook can take to improve their site.


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