McDonald’s: The King of Fast-ish Food

McDonalds began as simple restaurant that sold affordable burgers quick. It began a fast food revolution and has expanded across the globe. Since then, McDonald’s  expanded beyond its humbling beginnings. However in its attempt to please every customer, McDonalds’s might be stretching itself toot him to be successful.

Now Mcdonald’s menu includes 121 food items from a hamburger to a Filet-O-Fish.–518543867

While the commentators mostly discussed on McDonald’s expanding menu, I wondered what caused McDonald’s to grow beyond its formerly successful business model. My theory is that ever since consumers have become more health conscious, McDonalds has dealt with criticism that has greatly damaged its image. The media criticized McDonald’s for producing unhealthy, sugary food with very few healthy options.  It has also been accused of marketing unhealthy food to kids by offering toys with happy meals. Plus, anyone who saw the movie Supersize Me felt a riffle effect of disgust and fear of McDonald’s.  In order to respond to its criticisms, McDonald’s felt obligated to expand its menu to include almost everything for any customer.

In order to fill the various order, McDonald’s sacrifices its famous delivery time. When compared to other fast food chains, McDonald’s is no longer the fastest choice. It is getting beat at the very thing it invented.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 4.56.37 PM

While McDonald’s is trying to please the media, consumers and investors, its brand is suffering rebrand. It cannot be both a low-cost fast food conglomerate and health conscious. It will must sacrifice one for the other. It must choose to have healthier food at a higher production cost or have unhealthy food and maintain its affordable price. In order to survive McDonald’s need to choose a specific target audience. It simply cannot be a one-stop fast food organization for everyone.

Instead of rebranding the happy meal into they monstrosity that literally scares children, McDonald’s should rethink and simplify its brand strategy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 4.51.47 PM


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6 thoughts on “McDonald’s: The King of Fast-ish Food

  1. I completely agree! It’s been proven through research that people appreciate simplicity. That’s what allows brands to flourish, I.E Apple with its extremely simple iOS v.s android and its “does too much” interface. McDonalds should focus on perfecting its best selling products and eliminating the under performing ones.


    • I disagree with Android’s “does too much” interface, but to each their own.

      As for McDonald’s, their food has never been healthy or touted as such. It was a means to convenience at a quick pace. While it’s quicker than your typical restaurant establishment, it’s still too slow for what we deem “fast food”. Also, the pricing is no near affordable. Most of their meals cost as much as a sit down entree order these days by the time it’s all said and done. I believe McD’s is hurting from a society that is changing its focus. Unfortunately, this same society doesn’t look at all the crap their favorite establishments have to order. Many appetizers in a restaurant have as much calories as a McDonald’s burger and are no more filling.

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  2. I personally think it’s unfair that parts of the public are going after McDonald’s for being unhealthy. It was never branded as a healthy restaurant. That’s like criticizing Sears for having poor quality clothes. Sears is known for its appliances and McDonald’s is known for its burgers and french fries.


  3. I do appreciate McDonald’s efforts to put healthy items on the menu. They responded to the negatively responses fairly by offering what people accused them of missing. Now with options such as apples and milk in children’s Happy Meals, they are encouraging people to make better choices. McDonald’s also provides all the nutritional facts of their food on their packaging for transparency. As a fast food restaurant, we can’t ask for much more.


  4. I think that it’s very annoying that McDonald’s forces kids to eat apples! Kids should be able to eat whatever they want. McDonald’s does not make kids fat, parents make their kids fat. I don’t think McDonald’s should be throw under the bus for making the food that made them famous.


  5. I think that being healthy or unhealthy is a personal choice, not the fast food chain’s fault. Of course we can have McDonalds anytime we want but it is a matter of self control. McDonalds is just doing their part of contributing more variety of food to the society. I mean, rice may sound healthy but eating too much rice is also not good for health because too much carbs. So the choice of being healthy is really in the hands of the consumer. Also, I am bummed that McDonalds delivery is not as common in the US compared to other countries, so much convenience and it’s safer!


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