Legos has never been a company that you would think reached out to girls and what they want. We always associate it with toughness, boys, building, etc. They have tried to break this mold many times, with different products, and now with their biggest attempt, a commercial directed towards them.


“The ad nicely flatters parents—suggesting Lego is the choice of smart, creative kids who’ve been brought up well—while also recognizing that girls play with Lego differently  than boys do.”

Watch the video here:

Lego really took the time to make sure that their message was clear and presented the correct way. This could have gone terribly, but instead they got it just right.

Read the full article here and see how Lego pulled off their first direct ad towards girls.

Let me know what you think! Growing up with Legos this is finally something that is directed to me, and I find very interested and forward of the company.


  1. I absolutely played with Legos as a little girl! Ads should make every kid feel included. They do not have to make them that pink and girly to include girls but it is a start.


  2. I think it’s cool that they’re trying to re-brand some of their products to young girls, but I don’t necessarily think they need to be super “girly” legos…keep the same legos, but just have girls in the commercials! Not all little girls want to play with sparkly, pink dolls (I know I didn’t).


  3. It’s great that Legos is doing more to make their product appealing to girls. I don’t remember the company coming out with something so gender oriented when I was a kid, but it really seems like Legos is trying to grow and broaden their reach.


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