Final Presentation- Group 1 (Coca-Cola)

For our Viral Video for Brand Storytelling, our group chose the brand Coca-Cola. Through our extensive market and consumer research, we discovered that Coca-Cola’s main problem was pertaining to health issues. These health concerns affect Coca Cola’s sales in North America and Europe.

Coca Cola’s key market sales are overseas (specifically Latin America and Asia Pacific) with a primary target market of men and women between the ages of 12-30, with a primary focus on 18-25 year olds who use social media and mobile devices.

Coca Cola uses strategic positioning in order to use the same image globally. In addition, their strategic positioning is used in order to be perceived as a daily part of life, in order to build brand loyalty.

Our group created a viral video to remove the negative image of Coca-Cola being unhealthy by focusing on smaller sizes with our tag line, “In a smaller size for bigger celebration”.  We also maintained Coca Cola’s fun, happy and entertaining unique selling preposition by connecting holiday music and decorations with our video. We believe this will help drive sales in North America and Europe.

This is the video for our final presentation. Enjoy!

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