Little Kids Swearing for Effect?

Recently, a group dedicated to creating an equal place for women, FCKH8, has been creating videos about girls. These girls are younger than 15 and wear princess dresses. The real controversy? They swear A LOT. It gets a lot of attention and gets people talking that’s for sure. In their newest online video, the girls have black eyes and beat up faces (just from makeup). They talk about domestic violence and standing up for yourself as a women. PLUS, they focus on men’s responsibility in the situation as well.

I personally think these are great. However, I can see why people would be offended by this. Children probably shouldn’t be swearing, especially in permanent and public settings such as these. But I would argue that the same reason we think little girls shouldn’t swear, is the same reason we tell women to ignore men, bring pepper spray, or learn self defense, instead of, you know, teaching men not to rape.

On a more relevant advertising note I think this is an effective viral video. It gets people talking about the subject, which is the ultimate goal of any ad.

Is the use of swearing helpful because it sparks controversy and conversation or does is negatively effect the overall goal of the producers?

2 thoughts on “Little Kids Swearing for Effect?

  1. I think that these advertisements take it just a little too far. I love the message they are trying to spread and I agree with their points, but exploiting the use of children and their innocence just seems wrong to me. There are probably better ways for them to get their points across.


  2. I feel like this is what social media, or mass media in general does to us- tell us what to do or not to do, what is wrong or right, how men or women should behave etc. Media are shaping the society which is not fair to human nature and our freedom to act and behave. Now that the social “rules” or norms are set by the media, the line of what’s right and wrong is really blurred.


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