Dove and Beauty

I am a person fan of Dove. Their ads related to self-esteem and body image almost always make me tear up. In their latest ad spot, they demonstrate how the feelings you have about yourself, can radiate and echo to those who love you. They used the example of mothers and daughters. They described what mothers liked and disliked about themselves and then their daughters also wrote a list. Most things matched up and Dove highlighted why this isn’t the way it should be.

These ads are effective marketing for Dove. They set themselves apart from similar beauty products. Creating that relationship through advertising is pretty much the most effective thing you can do. Some ads might inform people or encourage them to try something new or buy something once. Marketing stories create a feeling towards the brand. Dove stands up for women and their right to feel beautiful no matter what. I for one, am willing to pay extra to support a brand that brings ads into mainstream culture that highlight these issues.

Was this advertisement an effective use of Dove’s money? It doesn’t describe any of their products and what they can do. It does not inform anyone about a new lotion or sale.

Does marketing and storytelling pay off in the end?

4 thoughts on “Dove and Beauty

  1. I think that storytelling definitely pays off. I don’t really recall that much being said about Dove before they had these types of campaigns. In fact, I’m not even sure I can remember any advertisements that they had before these. This new campaign has really created a new image for the brand, and maybe even a new idea about the quality of the product.


  2. On one hand the commercial is not a good use of Dove’s budget for the reasons you mentioned: doesn’t mention products. This was a storytelling commercial, and I think this is an era of experimentation. In order to sell or market to consumers through a commercial, the effectiveness of the tried and true way that is blantant isn’t working like it used to.

    So, on the other hand this was a fair try by Dove to build a relationship with consumers. Show their humanism and connection with who they are and what they are looking for in a brand.

    It’s a cut and dry way of determining success, but I think marketing and storytelling pay off if it translates to an increase in revenue for a brand. Dove went from #7 to #4 in the top cosmetic beauty brands in the world because of that Real Beauty campaign(Brand Finance, 2014). So I think marketing and storytelling is paying off thus far.


  3. I think that storytelling pays off because I saw the thumbnail for the video and immediately thought that it was going to be a positive portrayal of women. I’m able to immediately recognize that Dove is an honest company that cares about the people who purchase its products. Sure, they don’t mention product specifics, but at least people know about the culture of Dove, which is just as important.


  4. I think it was effective that they pull the heartstring in order to send their message across. However, i feel like they have been employing this strategy for too many times and i almost don’t feel touched anymore watching their ads because i know what to expect and i know clearly that it is an ad now and the touching story doesn’t overshadow this fact for me anymore. So, i think dove should change their strategy once in a while to be more effective.


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