Bissell and Subways

Bissell is a well known vacuum company. In their latest advertising campaign, they set out to prove how well their product actually works. They used one of their vacuums on a Toronto subway station’s floor. To everyone’s astonishment, the floor was cleaned. Living in Chicago, we can assume how dirty the L platforms are. It’s safe to assume it’s that dirty in Toronto as well.

Bissell showed how confident they were in their product, they even had people watching and gasping interested.

However, most of these people may have been actors, because as it turns out, the ad was entirely filmed on a platform that is no longer used. (AdWeek)

Do we trust the results Bissell highlights if they weren’t on a used subway platform? Is this a tricky way to  get around advertising and create an idea of a product that does not exist?

One thought on “Bissell and Subways

  1. I think this is such a great ad. It shows that the product works effectively and it also shows that one of the top employees in the company has full faith in it and “stands behind it”. However, if these were all actors than I think the entire thing loses credibility. It just wouldn’t seem authentic if the reactions were staged.


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