All Grown Up

Recently, Old Spice took their creativity to the next level. They used their mantra of “what a real man wears,” and applied it to adolescent years. It reflects what happens to the parents when a boy starts to become a man. Only this time, we know he’s becoming a man because he wears Old Spice. The target audience seems to be younger adults/teenagers, which could hurt Old Spice’s branding and they could become the next AXE. If their market is primary young teenagers who want to be more manly, they could lose a lot of respect. On the other hand, Old Spice may be purposefully targeting this audience because they are failing within the older demographic.

Is this a flawed way to reach their changing target audience, or does Old Spice understand how this could backfire?

Do they want this “backfire?”

One thought on “All Grown Up

  1. I think that this new target audience could very possibly backfire on the brand. To me, if a lot of adolescents begin to wear the products then young adult men are less likely to continue using the brand. Like you said, it becomes somewhat like a new Axe, which is already a brand that comes with somewhat negative connotations.


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