Facebook Trying To Keep Up

Facebook has been the juggernaut in the social media world since it has been introduced to the public, but its popularity has been declining.

CaptureThis is true because of other social media outlets. For example, people have the option to get their popular news from Twitter and Instagram. Both of these sites have been approaching Facebook’s database numbers, and are projected to surpass Facebook statically in upcoming years. Due to this fact, Facebook has been making changes to stay “current” and to maintain its competitiveness in the social media world.


One of the methods that have used in the past couple of months is the “super cookies.” This is a click methodology that follows what you are viewing online and then places your recent views on your Facebook page. Well Facebook, to stay competitive, Facebook has taken a page from Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook now puts trending stories on all users home pages. They put the tending stories to the right of the page, just like Twitter, and similar to Instagram, and they allow Facebook users to share the trending stories with friends. In the past couple of months, there has been mixed reviews on these changes. Some feel that it is a “copy-cat” approach to more popular sites, and others have stated that either way they will continue to check Twitter and Instagram more often regardless of the Facebook changes. The majority of users want limited text and more pictures. This is a prime example of why Twitter and Instagram might be the new social media frontrunner. Statistics, databases, click rates and ultimately time will be the true distinction that separates and ranks these social media mediums.

5 thoughts on “Facebook Trying To Keep Up

  1. Honestly, I think that Facebook will be a thing of the past within the next 10 years because of the ever changing world of social media. The more that they try and become something else, the less that people remain interested in them.


  2. I understand that Facebook needs to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the internet, but I feel that it is closing in on the end of its days. I find that they are trying to branch out to too many things.


  3. I think the problems with Facebook come from users wanting more privacy than getting news stories. I like Instagram and Twitter more because it is simplified. Facebook has become too flooded.


  4. Facebook has been slowly declining in popularity with the “wisening up” of its users and realization that their TOS is pretty ridiculous. Plus it’s become too popular and the younger generation can’t hide from their parents anymore. There’s also the availability of so many social media choices now as well. Facebook is trying to keep their users engaged and this looks like a little-to-late ploy to stay relevant.


  5. Facebook has been more stalker-isn than ever. Also, sometimes too many advertisements of the things I viewed previously appearing on my Facebook page is annoying and overwhelming. Personally, I do not go on Facebook as often anymore, i go there mainly to use the messenger and also to discuss group projects. But instagram has become my favorite because it is straightforward and less advertisement. I get to see pictures and be updated at the same time, no redundancy no overwhelming privacy intrusion.


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