Choose Your Winter Part I

When we think of the upcoming frigid weather, going out of the house, let alone working out seems like the last thing that we want to do. But with Nike’s new “Choose Your Winter” campaign, Nike is teaming up with famous athletes including football stars Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson and soccer players Clint Dempsey and Brad Evans, figure skater Gracie Gold, middle distance runner Mary Cain and snowboarder Johnnie Paxson all wearing Nike Hyperwarm and powering through the cold.

The advertisement opens with Chris O’Dowd who amusingly stars as a weatherman of sorts, who hyperbolically describes the effects of the cold on the human body. Throughout the commercial however, we see otherwise on the screen, as we see cold-weather athletes going about their business—with their brains and extremities in full working order. The advertisement aims to prove that ultimately we can do anything despite the weather, especially with the help of Nike’s new and improved winter gear.

Nike says that this is the first part of their installment throughout their winter advertisement. The creative campaign was developed in partnership with Portland-based independent advertising agency, Weiden+Kennedy.

Overall this advertisement was extremely effective in my opinion because it proves that even though we believe we cannot workout because of the weather, Nike provides us with the gear that we need to survive and thrive in the cold.

In the description of the commercial on their YouTube page Nike says, “Every winter, the weather provides easy excuses. With Nike Hyperwarm, all athletes can keep working hard, winning in any conditions.”



2 thoughts on “Choose Your Winter Part I

  1. This is a great ad for Nike. Not a lot of people associate Nike with cold weather and staying warm, more often than not, people associate Nike with famous athletes and working out. While this ad continues that trend, it also works to spread the word about how they also keep you warm when it’s cold out. This is a genius kind of advertising and branding because they keep their old recognizable traits and add a little more to create a well rounded advertisement.


  2. I think this ad is great because not only is it very relatable, for I can relate to the harsh winter weather being a major demotivational factor for working out, but is also appealing to most sports fans by showcasing many famous athletes. It does a great job of subtly suggesting that Nike has products that can keep you warm also.


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