Make the Most of Your Post

Social media is the new wild west for advertisers and brands trying to convey their messages to the millions on each site. Some very loose guidelines have begun to be set by social media sites to dictate how brands can advertiser on their sites, such as the lack of a buy button on Pinterest and the inability to post gifs on Facebook. Marketers have been working around sites restrictions and developing clever new tactics to advertisers to social media users.

One such tactic is the development of e-commerce service, Shoppost. Buying products straight from a post while still on a social media site is restricted, but Shoppost allows marketers to come close enough. With Shoppost marketers can post an item, like a pair of pants, to sites like Facebook and Twitter and then users can choose pants sizes and color in the post, and once they click the shopping cart icon it links the user directly to the stores online checkout page.

Instagram posts have now become shoppable as well. Instead of purchasing an ad on the site companies have begun to utilize the new Like2Buy button developed by Curalate. This new feature allows Instagram users to like a post of a product that they want and then the company sends a confirmation email to buy that product to the user. This may seem intrusive, but the Like2Buy button is actually separate from the normal like option.

A new relatively untapped advertising market has begun to cultivate in Snapchat. The disappearing photo sharing app has allowed for brands like Taco Bell and Acura to announce the launch of new products. Users view these images for a maximum of ten seconds, which peaks their interest and drives them to investigate the new product further. This could also be used to screenshot promotional deals and bring them in-store for discounts.

Brands have also begun advertising in real time on their social media accounts. Live video streams of events or demos the brand is holding are now starting to be used on Facebook. This allows for a simultaneous discussion about the event or demo between the viewing consumers and the brand representatives on the stream.

Gifs, a popular medium for advertisers due to their constant repetitive nature, do not translate well to social media. When a gif is posted it appears as a link that must be clicked on instead of playing automatically, but a solution to the gif problem is here. Recently advertisers have begun creating cinemagraphs, which are still images that have one feature in them animated. This animated portion will continuously run making them repetitive like gifs while creating a brand new medium. If advertisers began utilizing all of these new tricks, social media presence for any brand can be starkly increased.


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3 thoughts on “Make the Most of Your Post

  1. I hate the fact that advertising has to intrude into EVERYTHING we do. I don’t mind ads themselves, but incorporating them into every aspect of things we do everyday is just too much. You can’t escape them when you leave your house since they’re everywhere (radio, banners, bus stops, on trains/buses, etc).

    With that said, these ads are nice for those who love quick shopping online. The ability to link directly to the item for purchase rather than taking the time to sift through other online store’s selections is nice. This is definitely innovative.


  2. I feel that with technology today, it is difficult to find a platform that can’t or hasn’t been used for advertising yet. This is unfortunately one of the down sides of the consumer end of advertising; though, it makes you more accessible to advertisements for products you would be interested in buying.


  3. Making advertising more entertaining is not a bad thing. Advertising is here to stay and we will continually try to find new ways to reach our audience. If these things aren’t going to change, then might has well make the ads enjoyable to watch. Storytelling is one of the most effective kinds of advertising because it entertains us and doesnt constantly remind us it’s an advertisement. People respond to things like that in a positive way.


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