Italians Hate Pizza Hut

With Pizza Hut’s new advertising campaign, they are making it quite obvious that Italians actually can’t stand Pizza Hut pizza. That isn’t an exaggeration, they quite literally can’t stand it. Pizza Hut’s advertising team is taking a new spin on things by taking their pizza to southern Italy and showing viewers how much pizza makers hate Pizza Hut pizza. Why? It isn’t a secret that younger people intentionally do things that their elders disagree with (call it rebellion or whatever), so Pizza Hut seems to think that this ad will convince more people to buy their pizza because real pizza artisans hate it. Um…I don’t know how this is going to play out. I get that the company is trying to be “different” and “innovative” in their approach to advertising their products, but to come right out and tell people that there is a large audience that seriously can’t stand their pizza…that takes some guts. The ad explains that older people can’t stand the popular culture that younger generations seem to love, so it’s only natural that they hate the pizza younger people like too. In my opinion, the last thing a marketing campaign should aim to do is purposefully tell people that the company realizes how bad their pizza is.

I do not think that this is one of those situations where an ad is so innovative and bizarre that it ends up making sense…I honestly do not think that this campaign makes sense. They end the ad with “The Flavor of Now”…okay, well, if you want Pizza Hut to be the flavor of now, then why are you convincing people that what they are eating is truly terrible? The Flavor of Now should mean appealing to all generations, not just young people, and adjusting recipes and ingredients to accommodate all demographics. This campaign is interesting, but I really do not think that it is going to generate the results that Pizza Hut is looking for.

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3 thoughts on “Italians Hate Pizza Hut

  1. This is a VERY interesting spin for advertisement. I suppose they were trying to be truthful? This reminds me of a Dominos commercial, where they say flat-out “Dominos won’t make your weeknight special. It’s what you DO with the pizza that will…” It’s an interesting spin on advertising and I think it is to make the company appear more honest? I am not very sure. I am curious to see how the ad will be received.


  2. This campaign would make more sense if they did not go to the originators and authorities on pizza. All they are accomplishing with this ad is illustrating that the people who invented pizza are telling Pizza Hut that their pizza is in no way good. I could not think of a stronger way to drive me away form a product.


  3. This advertisement seems like its doing the exact opposite of what it’s intending. Unfortunately Pizza Hut already has a negative connotation and this isn’t going to help their brand image at all.


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