GoPro’s Instagram Is Better Than Your Instagram

There are few tools at marketers’ disposal that match Instagram’s capability to visually express a brand’s identity. By providing a sense of meaning in a cluttered social landscape, Instagram’s nature becomes a somewhat poetic one. Instagram’s users keep a visual diary of their lives and experiences. Rather than using words, they take pictures to visualize how they perceive the world around them. The world is vast and life is mobile, which is why Instagram’s features are only fully experienced through a mobile device. In case you have not heard of it, discover Instagram here.

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GoPro embraces the possibilities Instagram offers its users. The brand has a unique product, the market’s first true adopted-by-the-masses portable adventure camera. GoPro promises the simple solution to capture and share one’s life. It’s value lays in its portability and sharp picture quality. Instagram promises something similar. GoPro uses Instagram’s newest popular feature, the video post, to show consumers GoPro’s capabilities. The whole premise of GoPro is to take amazing adventures while filming them on the GoPro video camera. Instagram as a social platform celebrates this method of sharing experiences as well. In this way, the videos created by consumers that are not only share worthy, they are also cool enough to span mediums and reach consumers who would have previously never seen such videos.

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Powerful Instagram influencers wield artistically touching accounts. They tell stories about the brand’s personality, intentions and perceived role within the world. Done visually, a brand’s account can be so much more than pictures and video. Effective Instagram accounts are a tool. Every brand’s account is an advertisement for the brand itself. GoPro’s marketing team realized the opportunity to send messages with power and meaning.

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Photography is beautiful and poetic in many ways but artistically curated video content strikes another, much less often used chord mentally. GoPro’s promise to share and record life and its corresponding adventures is its selling point. Videos of these adventures sounds like the easy answer towards their promotional practices. Sometimes the easy answer is indeed the right one. GoPro wants consumers to know the brand and its aligning values. The world is vast and awaiting discovery, sharing these experiences can be meaningful too.

3 thoughts on “GoPro’s Instagram Is Better Than Your Instagram

  1. GoPros Instagram better be better than mine!! Their whole product is a portable, durable and waterproof camera. The best free advertising they could possibly have is a pretty Instagram.


  2. Great way to advertise their product. They are able to gain a great following while people are able to get inspiration for their own pictures. They definitely beat out a lot of other companies with their Instagram page.


  3. For those that are driven by visuals, Instagram is the answer. For companies like GoPro, it is really smart to implement the use of Instagram to share high-quality videos created by the hand-held product. GoPro is likely to get a lot of followers.


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