Dew Does Virtual Reality

For years gamers around the world have been waiting for a virtual gaming experience that fully immerses them into the world. Now this vision is finally coming to fruition with the development of the Oculus Rift virtual reality gear. In-game advertising has become a staple in modern gaming and now Oculus Rift opens up a whole new medium in in-game advertising, and Mountain Dew wants to be the first brand on board.

Oculus Rift is a piece of headgear that rests over your eyes and immerses you into the virtual world of your favorite games. Gamers simply put on the headgear and use a controller to move their virtual character, which is the gamer themselves, throughout the world. It is currently only in the development stages but is projected to be released to consumers in 2015. Advertising in the Oculus Rift will be more native than the billboards and small frames seen in modern games. Mountain Dew debuted its virtual experience at its Dew Tour stop in Brooklyn where attendees were able to virtually skate next to professional skateboarders on the “Mtn Dew” team. The Mountain Dew brand marketing team says they wish for their Oculus Rift content to be an experience not just an advertisement.

Mountain Dew has plans to roll out several titles for the Oculus Rift, but there are a few hang-ups with this strategy. The current price for one of these devices is $350 and will not be fully consumer ready for some time still. It also takes a lot of hard-drive space to download these games. Mountain Dew even had to invite its attendees to a separate venue with a powerful enough computer to run the game. If Mountain Dew wants this to be successful they need to find a way to bundle all of these titles into one download small enough to fit on the common Oculus Rift gamer’s hard drives. Mountain Dew realizes that people desire more content on their feeds from their favorite brands and that people are continually consuming more and more content all the time. For that reason, this immersive virtual reality branding experience could be a huge breakthrough not only for Mountain Dew but any brand wanting to engage consumers on a new unexplored plane.


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One thought on “Dew Does Virtual Reality

  1. I legit just read about Oculus Rift today cause I just wrote a blog post on addiction and virtual realities, haha. Very interesting to see companies move towards product placement and advertising in gaming. I feel like Mountain Dew is bound to get a lot of exposure for this.


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