Dave and Busters, Busted

Yesterday, the Dave and Busters official Twitter account released a tweet featuring an attempted “joke.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.16.36 PM

A seemingly (and unfortunately) prevalent trend, sharing inappropriate or potentially racially insensitive tweets or posts has become a common side effect of the accessibility and efficiency of social media. Social media, however, should be more closely reviewed BECAUSE of its accessibility. These kinds of posts reach a much larger, and much more diverse audience than standard, stationary advertisements, and those who are responsible for posting them should consider what this means for them: a larger, more diverse audience to offend. I believe that large companies should tend to these social media posts as much as the expensive, stationary advertisements that they install.

Though the company did remove the tweet within 15 minutes, the tweet did not go unnoticed (hence the article). Dave and Busters was quick to offer an apology within the half hour, which was an impressive response time and displayed their positive crisis management. Though this apology was issued and its offensiveness was addressed, the tweet was still detrimental to the reputation of the company and will not be ignored. We can only imagine what the backlash would have been with the absence These types of issues certainly point out the similarities and differences of social media advertising and stationary and paper advertisements. However, it is apparent that some companies are not addressing their similarities as much as they should in terms of research and the consideration of all demographics.


Maskeroni, A. (2014, November 18). Dave & Buster’s Just Posted a Tweet It’s Going to Regret for a Long Time. Retrieved November 18, 2014, from http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/dave-busters-just-posted-tweet-its-going-regret-long-time-161510

4 thoughts on “Dave and Busters, Busted

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  2. I like this post a lot! It seems as though Dave & Busters has a great crisis management team. I also think it’s impressive that they handled it so efficiently; however, I am shocked that racist tweets were even considered. Perhaps it was a mere oversight on someone’s part?


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