Anna Kendrick & Kate Spade

Kate Spade recently premiered its latest advertisement featuring Anna Kendrick. The scene begins with Kendrick walking up to her brownstone and realizing that after a day of shopping, she’s locked herself out. Following a long, winded phone conversation with a locksmith Kendrick takes to the stoop of her doorway with her dog and waits. In order to kill time Kendrick takes apart her shopping bags and tries on her new purchases for her dog. She’s a few selfies deep when Iris Apfel, a legendary fashion icon, makes an appearance and declares, “You look gorgeous, darling.” Kendrick makes a few phone calls, pops a bottle of champagne, and sings “Good King Wenceslas” to top it all off.

However, what makes this Kate Spade ad most special aren’t the celebrity cameos but the fact that it’s interactive. As the video plays, viewers can click on clothing items that appear throughout the two-minute film. The ad, appropriately titled “The Waiting Game,” will save your clicks during the video and collect in a bottom sidebar so not to disrupt the ad. At any given moment the viewer can click on the bottom side bar to reveal the Kate Spade clothing items that were previously selected. Larger photos of the product are revealed and links are provided to take the viewer to the product on Kate Spade’s website.

It’s a smart approach to establish some form of interaction with a form of media (video) that doesn’t allow for much to begin with. Often times advertisements such as this only allow viewers to take the back seat and absorb the story and information that is presented. Rather than follow suit, Kate Spade made “The Waiting Game” an opportunity to provide others with entertainment and a chance to do a little holiday shopping. It’s the perfect balance of showing off the new Kate Spade winter collection while incorporating entertainment and celebrity icons. The company took a risk when it released an advertisement longer than 30 seconds, but managed to capture other creative triumphs like innovation and charm.


Hall, S. (2014, November 17). Interactive Kate Spade Ad Features Brilliantly Bored Anna Kendrick. Retrieved November 19, 2014, from

3 thoughts on “Anna Kendrick & Kate Spade

  1. I think this was a great, innovative way for Kate Spade to advance their advertising and engage the consumer. It seems pretty successful, and it won’t be long until other brands follow suit.


  2. This video was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be, but the entire commercial made use of the special items of the holiday season in a positive way. It was like a little movie! The creative way of tying the clothing together and attaching it to a shoe was cute. Anna Kendrick made a positive image for Kate Spade. Overall, I love this.


  3. Anna Kendrick really fits the image of Kate Spade so she was an accurate celebrity to use for this commercial. Placing celebrities in advertising is extremely powerful.


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