Target at Your Fingertips

During the holiday season, shopping is at an all-time high…and people go nuts to quickly locate the products they are “dying” to have. There’s a lot of shuffling around stores to find the latest products before nearby shoppers, and it creates quite the chaos. Target recently unveiled a smartphone app that links products to store maps. The app allows the user to create a personalized shopping list, and includes product locations and inventory information to help the user find the products they want in the store. This turn-by-turn navigation system aims to alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with holiday shopping, and just shopping in general, and eliminate excess time wasted in stores. This app also aims to create a bridge between online shopping and in store shopping, and hopes to bring in more shoppers that know for sure that the products they want are carried in their local store. But will this take away some online shopping business?

In my opinion, I don’t think this is going to really change people’s minds about whether or not to shop in store versus online. People shop online so that they don’t have to actually leave their house, and are given so many more options. This app is better suited for people that prefer shopping in stores, but isn’t necessarily suited for everyone. This app will also specifically target those who are tech savvy, and use a lot of shopping apps. This isn’t for a typical shopper, in my opinion.

Overall, however, I do think that is a pretty cool idea. I think it helps shoppers personalize their experience, and alleviates a lot of stress when trying to find the things that you’re looking for. I think Target is definitely on the right track, but I don’t think it can necessarily compete with regular online shopping.


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3 thoughts on “Target at Your Fingertips

  1. As things become more and more convenient from the web, I think Black Friday will slowly become less of a fad in the next few years. It is a little disappointing to know that so many stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day and beginning sales then, encouraging people to come in and shop instead of spend time at home with their families.


  2. I think that this app and concept is interesting for those that want to strictly go into a store and come out as quick as possible. Personally, I’m the type of person that likes to leisurely shop around so for me this would be something that I would skip out on.


  3. This app seems perfect for the type of person who doesn’t have time to spend hours in Target and can’t afford the extra trip to the store to figure out if the store has the product. I feel like this app might be better for the go-getter type. It just seems like an unnecessary middle step when I can just walk into a Target location and ask an employee for help. Definitely a great idea though!


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