SNL Spooftastic

For my last blog post, I was hoping to do something that was a little more light hearted than some of my recent posts about 9/11 and school shootings. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner and local businesses are fighting for your dollars. This hilarious and desperate spoof comes from Oak Lawn.

Nothing in a generation is easily forgotten, and who could forget SNL’s famously hilarious “Dick in a Box” featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg. Well incase you forgot:

Anyways, Oak Lawn Toyota has made possibly one of the most awkward and cringe worthy parodies of the famous digital short, and its title: “Keys In a Box”. Priceless.

These two, dressed in cheesy and cheap suits, tell you all about the annual Toyotathon and how much you can save taking advantage.

Overall, I thought the marketing tactic was well executed. People who remember and have an affinity for the original “Dick in a Box” are just now old enough to purchase cars of their own. This parody could dredge up some feelings of nostalgia and possibly work in favor of Oak Lawn Toyota. Heck, at one point I even found myself grooving out to the thing.

In the details you can even go to the Toyota Dealer’s Soundcloud page to download the mp3 for yourself.

What do you think? Was this a poorly done publicity stunt? Or, Was it just what us millennials needed to get our butts out there to get some keys in a box this holiday season?


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