New york just got a whole lot brighter


Walking down the streets of New York, especially in Times Square you almost always expect to see different types of advertisement just about every way that you turn. From billboards to street signs to ads plastered on buses we are engulfed in the middle of various companies trying to sell us something new.

Starting Tuesday, November 18, an eight story billboard about the size of a football field will be lit up for the first time, rented by Google for $2.5 million a month. Google’s ad will run from November 24 until early 2015.  Nearly 24 million LED pixels, each containing tiny red, blue and green lights, make up the display, giving it higher resolution than even the best of today’s top-of-the-line television sets.The screen seems designed to astonish those that come into contact with it. “The billboard will span an entire block—from 45th Street to 46th Street on Broadway. It has a higher resolution than the best television sets on the market (ADWeek).”

The billboard was chosen to be put in the middle of Times Square due to the amount of people that it interacts with daily. Around 300,000 pedestrians enter the area daily whether it be for work or tourists passing through. With the famous New Years Eve celebration taking place every year, the number of people are expected to reach new levels with the addition of the billboard reaching the eyes of millions throughout the holiday season.

Although anticipated, Google has refused to disclose any information about their future display.

Why the change of typical advertising to larger outdoor displays? This year alone outdoor advertising is expected to increase 3.6 percent to nearly $7.2 million. As time goes on, we expect to see things being displayed bigger and better. This is only the first step. This isn’t the first time that we have seen a display of this size either. LG Electronics recently created a campaign on a record-breaking billboard near the King Khaled International Airport in Saudi Arabia. At 820.2 feet long and 39.3 feet tall, that sign is the largest in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

“Size matters in Times Square,” said Harry Coghlan, president of Clear Channel Outdoor New York, which is selling the ad space. “Sometimes it just comes down to wanting to stand out, and it comes down to ego.”


One thought on “New york just got a whole lot brighter

  1. I think this is a smart move on Google’s part because of all the exposure they will get, especially because the screen is placed right in the middle of Times Square. It needs to be large because there are already so many ads in Times Square already and the screen would be lost if it were smaller.


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