Grandma Knows Best #WinChristmas

This was a thoroughly entertaining advertisement. It depicts a wealthy family presenting gifts to a girl. First, the sister gives her a portrait that she worked very hard on, to which the girl happily accepts. Next, the mother gives her a box, and in the box was a puppy that was able to wave. It’s hard to beat that. Then this girl’s husband brings out not just any old horse, but a unicorn. At this point, I couldn’t possibly think of what could beat a unicorn. Well, sure enough, the grandma gives the girl a Mulberry purse, to which the girl is ecstatic and starts screaming about how it is the best gift she could have ever gotten.

So there you have it. Do you think that a Mulberry bag is better than a Unicorn or a waving puppy? Well Mulberry thinks it does, because their trending hashtag is #WinChristmas. So not only is Mulberry trying to compete with other companies, but to win. But is this ad really embracing Christmas? After watching this commercial and laughing a bit, I realized what message this was really portraying. It is a message of materialism. As each family member gives the girl her gift, the other family members glare at each other in a competitive and disrespectful manner. No longer is effort appreciated, but simply how expensive things are. For example, the sister put the most effort into her gift yet got the least amount of appreciation. Whether this was the message the Mulberry tried to portray of not, it still sat in the back of my mind. Mulberry took all of the meaning out of the giving Christmas spirit and seemed to replace it with a spirit of materialism. The only other problem I noticed with the ad was that it took a whole minute and thirty seconds to get to the point, and by that time I was a little bit confused and uninterested.

All of that being said, I do think it was an effective ad. It was funny, clear, and it hit a wide range of targets. When the grandma got up to get the purse, everyone shook their head with disbelief, thinking that she couldn’t have gotten anything that special. However, when all the girls saw that it was a Mulberry bag, they all had a look of jealously. This included a younger daughter, a young adult, a mother, and a grandmother. So Mulberry showed here that their products appeal to all ages.

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  • Did Mulberry take away from the giving spirit of Christmas?
  • Did this appeal to a wide range of age?

4 thoughts on “Grandma Knows Best #WinChristmas

  1. Even though this kind of ad has been done before, I still found it a little entertaining. They got the message across that their products are for everyone, and are so good that they beat a unicorn and a puppy. I do agree though, that it was a little long. Simplicity works.


  2. This ad is quirky and funny and I think reaches the target audience successfully. I don’t think this ad took away from the spirit of Christmas. This ad doesn’t appeal to all ages because younger children wouldn’t understand the humor. I think this ad best suits women and men between the ages of 18 and 35.


  3. I agree that this ad promotes materiality to some extent, but Mulberry is known as a luxury brand. It’s not just any leather bag, which may be why the ad gives off vibes of materiality. But I think you can put a positive spin on it and say that every family member just wanted to purchase the perfect gift in order to bring holiday spirit to their loved ones.


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