Branding of Bang & Olufsen America

Every innovative brand is being  compared to Apple. Will they follow Apple’s lead? How do their products compare? The list goes on. So what does the president of Bang & Olufsen America have to say about making her products similar to those of Apple? She’s says Apple products are designed to look like Bang & Olufsen products – not the other way around. ipad-app-bang-olufson

“…[Steve Jobs] talked about Bang & Olufsen as the company that he wanted to model Apple after, in terms of beautifully functioning products,” said Kathy Thornton-Bias, President of Bang & Olufsen America.

In this Q&A with Novid Parsi of the Tribune’s Blue Sky, Thornton-Bias discussed what’s separates Bang & Olufsen from other innovative brands. She says that unlike other innovative tech brands, Bang & Olufsen doesn’t come out with a new product because “it’s time.” They put out a new product when the product is right. A lot of time and money is spent on each product to make sure it will last a long time and work the way it’s supposed to.

Bang & Olufsen also does not have designated, set designers. They use different designers all of the time to make sure their products are always fresh and different.

Thornton-Bias’ Q&A was more than a mindless informational session. Her answers were carefully laid out so her audience sees Bang & Olufsen exactly how she wants them to see it. Bang & Olufsen is a luxury brand. It’s stakeholders want to know that it’s products aren’t thought up on a whim and they are copying other brands. They need to be a stand-alone and stand-up brand so its audience can justify paying it’s luxury prices.

As a major stakeholder herself, Thornton-Bias reassured other stakeholders that Bang & Olufsen is at the top of its game, and doing so well that major player, Apple, aspires to be like them.


Parsi, N. (2014, November 10). Bang & Olufsen aims to build technology products you won’t need to trade in. Retrieved November 17, 2014, from

One thought on “Branding of Bang & Olufsen America

  1. Although this may be true, I don’t think another company will catch up to Apple anytime soon. I am not very “techy” but I have never even heard of this brand. If the company truly believes it is the leader and better than Apple, it should step up its advertising game and become a more prominent leader to the public.


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