Manic Panic: Bright Colors Take Over the Stands

Manic Panic was once a small business in New York dedicated to the clientele of punk band artists. What was once a one-shop ordeal quickly turned in to a household name for those looking to go big with colors: whether that be bright blues, lavender, or rainbow.

Corporate communications played an integral role in this brand’s upcoming. Through a grassroots campaign, Manic Panic was able to begin selling wholesale and began launching their products in salons: but the campaign did not stop there.

Manic Panic made sure to communicate with all of their consumers through YouTube and blogs by showing customers how to style their hair by themselves. This encouraged share holders to become a more active part of the company. In addition, by giving customers a way to use the products in an inexpensive way, the company boosted sales by more than 20%. The corporate communications are very transparent with this company. The people behind the brand are authentic and are truly dedicated to rocking bright hair.

Given the recent celebrity trends where celebs are choosing to rock pastel hair, the company will be sure to continue this trend. I think that corporations can benefit such as Manic Panic by piggy-backing on to the trends put forth by celebrities and can maximize their profits by offering how-to tutorials in addition to stellar products.

Manic Panic could grow potentially by partnering with media campaigns and celebrities to endorse their products. Given the already cool atmosphere and brand identify, they have serious opportunities in product growth through endorsement and a wider selection of products. In addition to the how-to videos, Manic Panic could get their fans excited by launching new, limited edition colors to suit holidays or post fan-based photos in their galleries to get customers excited. Check out some of the cool hair styles in this blog post!


One thought on “Manic Panic: Bright Colors Take Over the Stands

  1. I think what Manic Panic is doing is very smart. Colored hair is very trendy right now. In high school is was cool to dye one strip of hair or the tips, but now don’t be surprised if you see a person with all over color of bright pink or lavender locks. YouTube can reach so many people and can be shared across many different social media sites, so it is also a great way to market to people.


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