Kittens in Uber, and I Missed Out

Uber delivered kittens. KITTENS.  They delivered kittens to anyone who ordered them for a playdate.  I didn’t hear about it, and I’m kind of upset.  Now I know some of you already knew about this, and maybe I live under a rock.  But if I do, a decent amount of my friends both cat-loving and cat-hating must do the same because they were not aware of this event either.

On National Cat Day, (because apparently that’s a thing) seven cities across the United States delivered kittens to anyone’s doorstep who ordered them.  For $30, anyone could order a playdate with a cat via Uber, and an Uber would bring you a cat for a fifteen minute play date.

Here’s the kicker, ALL the proceeds from the playdates went towards the local animal shelter that these kittens came from.  All the animals were up for adoption at from one of Chicago’s many adoption centers, and these playdates allowed for the kittens to be free of their cages for a period of time and greatly exposed them to the community.  The entire program was really a wonderful and forward-thinking idea, so why didn’t I hear about it?

I have the Uber app on my phone.  It is linked to my email and while I don’t follow Uber or any major animal shelters on social media, I use Uber frequently and donate to PAWS, one of the largest animal shelters in Chicago.  This is the second year that Uber and the ASPCA have teamed up to bring kittens to peoples’ doorsteps, and I really think that the potential outcome for the campaign could be huge.  When looking at successful ad campaigns, most have advertising for the event that is just as heavy as a build up to the event as the actual event itself.  Because the campaign is most likely directed at people in our demographic, the use of social media alone is crucial for the success of the campaign.  I think the event could have gone viral so easily.  I hope they do this again, and I hope they implement a better strategy next time, so even more people are aware of it.

6 thoughts on “Kittens in Uber, and I Missed Out

  1. When I heard that they were doing this, I was a little shocked. I wasn’t sure it would work because of the costs to time with the kitten ratio… From what I have heard from friends though, it sounds like it was met with some success. I hope that they do something like this again too.


  2. I think this is great tactic to raise awareness for Uber! It is a fantastic way to get new customers and to increase the brand image in a positive way. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people like cats, so why not link up taxi driving with animals!?


  3. Uber is an innovative company and they stay true to their brand by advertising in innovative ways. This kitten ordeal created a ton of buzz in Chicago. They are doing something fun and different which sets them apart from competition and other innovative brands.


  4. I honestly think this was a brilliant marketing campaign. It raised awareness about an important cause and made Uber come off a company that cares about every member of the community, even the furry ones! I do agree that Uber should have done more promotion for it. Maybe a simple tweak on its app like making it send you a “PUSH” notification to let you know it’s happening could have helped.


  5. Well, let me tell you. I did try to participate in this amazingly cute and “for a good cause” marketing gimmick. I tried for 4 hours. There were never any kittens available. Nothing is more annoying than being promised kittens and that promise was not delivered on. mmm 😦


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