Traditional Media Really Isn’t Dead

We have been hearing that traditional media is beginning to fade away, but this article is here to prove us wrong. Just because we are moving to a digital age does not mean that we have forgotten the core of how media began. “It couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, and despite the disorientation that digital technology has wrought, “traditional” conceptual thinking is still fundamental to marketing.”

It is exciting to see the continuous strides we have made in technology and how far they have brought us and the way we communicate and share news. I was definitely someone who thought that traditional media was something that has been fading, but  after this article it is clear that it isn’t, it’s just changing to try and stay relevant. “Marketers spend more than $250 billion a year on broadcast advertising.” This proves that companies are still focused on tv/radio advertising, and it’s important to them and a way to still reach their customers.

Success rides on more than one part of the company. “If there is no brand idea, engagement devolves into transactional carpet-bombing.” You need to involve every aspect of the company into marketing and expanding, without it the campaign you are pushing won’t make it.

And big data proves that we can’t just rely on technology. “Big Data has become invaluable to media buying and planning. Algorithms can target consumers precisely, in real time, and can even predict behavior—for example, which website a surfer will go to next.” But that is not all we can rely on, we have to be able to connect to our customers and see what it is they want.


After reading this article it is clear that traditional media is still powerful and just as important to a company. Check it out and let me know what you think about traditional media!

3 thoughts on “Traditional Media Really Isn’t Dead

  1. Although most millennials do not watch TV in the traditional way any more, the ads that are shown on sites like Hulu and Youtube are still targeted at them and the live TV spots are becoming more targeted specifically at older demographics specifically.


  2. Media definitely isn’t dead and I don’t see it going extinct because people love and use it, but there is no doubt it’s changing. I wonder if it’s the quality of traditional media that’s dying. Before, journalists were professionals and now it seems that everyone with a WordPress account who likes fashion or has children is a “journalist.”


  3. Traditional media is the foundation of advertising.The innovations of advertising today started from traditional media, in some form. Can’t go wrong with the basics!


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