British Holiday Spot Launches Heartwarming Campaign

They just don’t make holiday commercials like they used to…and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! This past week the upscale British department store chain in Great Britain, John Lewis, released their 2014 Christmas commercial spot online on November 6th to anticipating fans. The results were quite adorable.

john-lewis-monty-final-hed-2014 (1)

The commercial, “Monty the Penguin,” skillfully tells the story of friendship between a young British boy, Sam, and his beloved penguin, Monty. They hang out all year and have tons of fun, but when winter arrives, Monty begins to get lonely. Luckily, Sam’s love and devotion to his best friend allows him to solve the problem.

I think what makes this ad so cheerful is that the characters are perfect to portray a jolly “Christmas-y” feel, the heartwarming story told through music and expression, innovative CGI to bring Monty to life, and a nostalgic use of John Lennon’s “Real Love,
 song by Tom Odell.
Yet the “Monty the Penguin” campaign doesn’t just stop at the cute 90-second spot. John Lewis reports that their stores will soon be selling merchandise such as an illustrated book for children called “Monty’s Christmas”. This book is based off the commercial and will have a portion of it’s proceeds going to a children’s charity in Great Britian. In addition, John Lewish plans on releasing an audio app version of the book.
In my opinion, I think the coolest part about the “Monty the Penguin” campaign is the launch of John Lewis’ in-store space called Monty’s Den, created in partnership with Samsung. I think the multi-medium (television to ambient) cross-over really brings the “Monty” character to life in the eyes of children and their families.
According to Adweek, the campaign is already gaining a huge amount of positive media buzz. After a day of the initial online launch, Within 24 hours of the launch, the ad had already generated over 80,000 shares on social media.
So what’s your opinion on Monty? Does his waddling warm your heart or are you chalking the entire campaign up to the typical over-commercialization of Christmas? Leave you comment below!

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3 thoughts on “British Holiday Spot Launches Heartwarming Campaign

  1. Tears on my keyboard right now. This ad is very heart warming and if the book and in-store den area are used to foste this feeling in children this Christmas than I think this is definitely more than just a commercialized Christmas stunt.


  2. Yet another successful way brands are able to connect the holiday spirit with a brand. This is a fantastic way to launch a heartwarming campaign. I think this is more of a commercialized version of the holidas and it’s a great way to raise brand awareness.


  3. The most effective forms of media tell a story. I think that’s what happened here; a cheery and lovable story was told. Not only did they succeed in this arena, it was also timely. They are staying up-to-date with the “bigger picture” and that is the holidays are among us.


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