Past, Present, Forever

If you as any American where they were or what they were doing September 11, 2001, I am sure they could give you a specific answer in a heartbeat. It was a day that changed all of our lives. For a few hours time stood still as we watched the Pentagon burn, heard news of a plane heroically crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, and the two World Trade towers collapse across the streets of New York City. If there had ever been a time to stand together, it was then, as we watched our nation fall apart.

Now, thirteen years later, One World Trade has been resurrected in the spot where the Twin Towers once stood. Back and better than ever, One World Trade is opening up its sky deck to the general public. But, how do you brand such a sacred and hollow ground where so many lost their lives?

one world trade

When providing a tagline for the One World Trade sky-deck, the idea was to brand the nearly 50-mile radius visible from the perch. Additionally, the name had to resonate. Finally One World Trade adopted “See Forever”. This encapsulates the feelings and emotions of the World Trade Center, and is symbolic of Americas victorious resurrection from one of the lowest points in history.

Given the history surrounding this site, do you think it is appropriate to brand it for a profit? Does the See Forever branding resonate with you?



Klara, R. (2014, November 5). How One World Trade Center Is Branding Its Spectacular Views. Retrieved November 6, 2014, from

3 thoughts on “Past, Present, Forever

  1. Ehhh I really don’t think it should be done for a profit. But I guess that’s just the American way. It would be a lot better if any proceeds could be donated to an organization, but that’s probably completely out of the question. The more I think about it, the more wrong I think it is to have a tourist attraction (that’s honestly what it is) in a place where hundreds of people lost of their lives as millions of people watched… Like, there are other skyscrapers to see city views out of. I think it’s insensitive and kind of disrespectful :/


  2. Any profits made from this tourist “attraction” should be donated to charity. It’s pretty unethical to make profit off of a tragedy. Very disrespectful to those who were affected by 9/11.

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  3. Given the history surrounding this site, do you think it is appropriate to brand it for a profit? Does the See Forever branding resonate with you?
    I completely agree with the comment above that If any profits are made they should be distributed properly etc. but maybe that’s because we were alive for that day and it hits closer to home for us… because if you actually think about it, there are all kinds of monuments/historical sites throughout the US that make profits off attractions where tragedies occurred, like some of the national parks where the indians battled custer way back in the day etc, but we weren’t here for those days so maybe thats why people tend to not think about it like that?
    I don’t know how I feel about the “See Forever” slogan, it sounds kind of cheesy/lame for such a monumental site. I think they could’ve done a better job there, but I think it will be a cool thing to have a skydeck there.


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