Geico Horror Commercial

Teens in scary movies are well known for making the worst decisions even though it is typically obvious that there is or might be a better option that they could have picked in order to avoid their pitfall. In this commercial, a group of some of the least intelligent people are on the run and looking to hide-out away from a murderous maniac. They each contribute an idea of a hiding place like the attic, a basement, a creepy running car, and a garage filled with chainsaws. The villain is then shown and has a look like he is not at all amused. It’s as if he is unmotivated due to the lack of challenge to complete his kill. The scene closes when one of the girls mentions her idea of running through to the cemetery which at that point was probably one of the smartest ideas any of them had because its clear that these airheads are going to wind up dead anyway. The commercial closes with the next scene where Geico pitches its call to action about how much consumers can save when they make the switch.

Last month Geico released this horror commercial in order to advertise and introduce their new theme, “It’s what you do.” The commercial is entertaining with fun humor and obviously shows how people in horror movies always make the dumbest decisions.  Geico strategically released this commercial just in time for Halloween. The time of the release enabled the commercial to have a bigger impact on its audience by gaining attention with the holiday spirit. Geico uses this approach of advertising to evoke the wisdom of switching to Geico amongst its target audience and how the switch will save them money.

Was it effective though? When I saw the commercial the first time, the first couple of seconds made me think it might be a movie trailer, but then I could hear the tone of voice of the actors and knew that it clearly was not a trailer and was more of a spoof of something. As the commercial went on I had a small laugh here and there because what was being portrayed was pretty typical of scary movies. However, I still had no idea what the point of what I was watching was about. I thought whatever  was watching was ending when I saw the group go towards the chainsaws and then the Geico pitch came out of no where and I thought it was a nice way to connect the idea of people making dumb decisions in life even when the “better” choice seems so obvious. It was a memorable advertisement and a nice approach to thinking outside of the box to gain attention, but if I did not see the commercial air as many times as I have then I would probably not remember that it was for Geico. The humor and scary movie spoof kind of distracted me from the main point when I first watched it. I think one thing that was actually effective was using the Halloween Holiday to reach a wider audience with this advertisement.

How does this commercial make you feel?
What was your initial reaction?
Was it effective for you or did it persuade you in anyway?
What would you have done differently?


Horror Movie: It’s What You Do – GEICO. (2014, September 28). Retrieved November 6, 2014, from

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