Animated Posters: Yes or No?

Animated posters? Basically, it is a picture with special effects – similar to GIFs. Imagine an image of a nice hot Thanksgiving meal set at the dining table. You see the steam, but with animated posters the steam is moving – swaying left and right as it rises and then disappears.

The first examples I saw of animated posters were for Disney’s promotions of “Into the Woods.” I saw the subtle movements of mist and hair being blown by the wind. At first, I thought I was hallucinating.

The idea is innovative. Who would have thought to animate posters? It’s definitely some creative genius

Pro #1: The animation gives life to the posters, making them to appear more realistic to the setting.

Pro #2: If audiences notice the slight movements, they would be more drawn to looking at the poster. We are so bombarded by media today that I am starting to ignore ads.

Pro #3: The animation is awesome use of today’s technological and creative innovations.

Animated posters, however, do have some cons too.

Con #1: The posters aren’t really posters anymore. It’s not like you can take this and put it on your bedroom wall.

Con #2: Rather than a poster, it seems more like a video now. This form of advertising cannot be used beyond some type of screen.

Con #3: Since there isn’t major movement happening in the poster, audiences can also easily dismiss it.

Griner, D. (n.d.). These Subtly Animated Posters for Disney’s Into the Woods Are Creepily Compelling. Retrieved November 6, 2014, from

6 thoughts on “Animated Posters: Yes or No?

  1. this is an amazing article, I loved it ! Really telling more about how far our technology has come in order to catch the audience’s attention. Not only that, but also bringing to the forefront that perhaps there is too much flash in advertisement. Is this how far we come, but at what price?


  2. I would not have noticed the animations in the poster if they had not been pointed out, because I am so conditioned to ignore ads on the web. I think this is cool once I notice it, but it doesn’t encourage me to look at the ad in depth or support the product any more than a normal ad would.


  3. Annimated posters are an amazing and innovative idea to capture the evolving minds and attention spans of today. This makes them almost interactive, which is always engaging for the fan,


  4. I agree that the special effects draw me into looking at the poster and it definitely makes the poster comes alive. I think it works really well with the fantasy ads to give it a dreamy effect. I like the idea but it scares me how technology is advancing and we are slowing moving away from traditional tangible posters and prints and i will definitely feel nostalgic. Sometimes i prefer the conventional posters because it creates memory and it can be a keepsake that i will look back at in the future.


  5. I think with the increase and almost dominance of digital advertising that these posters are a step in the right direction. Most ads you see online are stagnant and boring and everyone just scrolls past them, but these may cause people to take a second and read the poster.


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