The Patch

Sour Patch Kid’s have opened a house in Brooklyn called, “The Patch,” for indie bands on the road who need a place to stay.  The Patch is a four-bedroom two and a half bathroom house in a historic landmark building located in Brooklyn, New York.  The catch is, bands that plan to stay at The Patch must provide the brand with a certain amount of media content that Sour Patch Kids can distribute through out their Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  “An artist who stays in the house for a day or so will only be obligated to create a small number of social-media posts. In the event that an artist stays longer, the output is expected to be more substantial, though the type of content is up to the artist. It doesn’t necessarily even need to be musical.”

The Patch has already been booked up through the end of the year with indie artists such as Tame Impala and Magic Man.  The brand is already in the works to open an Austin Patch by 2015 for South by Southwest.  I think this is an interesting concept.  It is not like any other advertising ideas that come to mind.  I find it interesting that Sour Patch Kids is interested in the indie music culture rather than trying to reach a larger audience with more mainstream artists.  I will be interested to see what is to come of The Patch in the future.

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5 thoughts on “The Patch

  1. Wow this is a very creative idea. Sour Patch kids has done a decent job trying to stay relevant but this idea was out of the ordinary and could help them long term. I wonder why they focused on Indie Bands? I love the idea and “The Patch” is a super cute name!


  2. This is a great way bring some attention to Sour Patch Kids and appeal to more people. I agree with the above in wondering why it is focused just on Indie bands but I do think that this is creative and could benefit the brand a lot.


  3. Great idea. Provides Sour Patch Kids with a great opportunity for free content and the bands a great opportunity for publicity.


  4. I think this is a really cool concept, probably because my sister always has said to be that if I was a type of candy, I would be a sour patch kid, because at first I’m sour, then I’m sweet…
    Anyways, it’s really great that they are doing something so innovative and different, while also helping out up and coming bands. I feel that companies that are getting involved with concerts/music/etc. are really onto something as our generation is very musically inclined.


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