The Great Taco Bell Black Out

How many of you eat Taco Bell? How say you don’t eat Taco Bell, but actually do eat Taco Bell? Well for all of you Taco Bell lovers, the revolution is here! Taco Bell has gone mobile. You can now order Taco Bell off of the Taco Bell app, pay for it, and pick it up at a designated Taco Bell! How revolutionary!B1Ctk9HCIAAXwdH

To be honest, it’s not revolutionary at all. I think everyone knows that you can order Chiptole online and pick it up in stores, along with different pizza restaurants, sandwich places, etc.. What IS revolutionary about Taco Bell going mobile is HOW they went mobile. Taco Bell has “blacked out” their other social media account (Twitter, Facebok, and Tumblr) and have those pages solely say “#onlyintheapp.” It seems their social media black out has worked too, as the company claims that already 75% of all their stores have already processed an online order since the function became available late last week. Taco Bell’s CMO, Chris Brandt, said, “We needed to do something right out of the gate so that people would notice, and what better way to notice and drive people to the new way to Taco Bell than the black out?” and I totally agree with that! Chipotle didn’t do any big publicity stunt when they started to have online ordering capabilities, it just kind of became there one day.

I personally think Taco Bell made a very wise decision by turning something that is really quite common now, the ability to order online and pick-up in store, into a huge deal! It’s a great way to increase publicity and excitement over something that is really not so new. I’ve read articles about Taco Bell’s Twitter account, about their funny and witty replies to their customers, so I find it interesting that by blacking out their Twitter account, they have been able to divert people’s attention to something that is solely theirs (the Taco Bell app) instead of something they are just a part of (a user on Twitter).

I truly am most happy for all the stoners and drunk young adults of the United States who can now take their time scrolling through their phones to pick either between a Cheesy Gordita Crunch or the Crunch Wrap Supreme without feeling the weight of society of their shoulders to make a decision faster.

What do you all think about Taco Bell’s social media “black out,” and do you think it could have any negative consequences?

Do you love or hate Taco Bell, why or why not?taco-bell-wedding

Source: AdWeek

7 thoughts on “The Great Taco Bell Black Out

  1. The black out idea was extremely creative because it forced everyone to use the app and become familiar with it in order become second nature for their customers. I wonder if they are now targeting only a certain age group. Many middle age people may be turned off by only ordering their meal on an app. It may be a only a slight improvement in terms of convenience for Taco Bell.


    • I wonder how many middle aged people actually eat Taco Bell though haha. It’s a good point though, I doubt older consumers would be too keen about it. Like, my mom has a hard time understanding the concept of the GrubHub app on her phone, so she just calls in the order instead of doing it online.


  2. Requiring a person to download an app to order Taco Bell doesn’t seem like a big deal to us, and if people wanted Taco Bell they would probably download the app no problem. This is also incredibly helpful for Taco Bell as a company, as it gives them an idea about how many customers they have, and what they like so I think this was a very smart move on Taco Bell’s part.


  3. This is a great idea by Taco Bell. I love how they decided to do that to redirect everyone to download and use the app. Taco Bell has always done a great job recently of reaching out to the young, which is who I believe are it’s biggest target and their main consumers. I personally love Taco Bell. #LiveMas


  4. I love Taco Bell. I eat Taco Bell regularly. I will use the app. Taco Bell does a great job branding to millenials who have seemingly returned the favor by becoming Taco Bell obsesed. <3TB3ll4Ev@

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