Uber gives option for kittens-on-demand on National Cat Day

i-can-has-uber-kittens-on-national-cat-dayFor those that don’t know Uber, it is a service that connects customers to drivers around the area through an app. As a avid Uber user, I find this company to be an extremely effective and successful app. Most of my friends use Uber. I have yet to find someone who doesn’t use Uber or Lyft in the city of Chicago. And why not? It’s a service that is readily available to you.

As I was scrolling through Twitter, I found that #UberKittens was trending. In honor of National Cat Day, Uber has teamed up with ASPCA and Cheezburger to deliver kittens to people’s home in 7 different cities. Cities include Chicago, Austin, DC, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle. Instead or in addition of having the options of ordering a car to pick you up, you can order Uber to deliver kittens to your doorstep for you to spend 15 minutes with. The cost is only $30.

If you are interested, you have to open the app between 12 pm-4 pm, and request the KITTENS option in the app. Uber asked for people’s patience as they predict a high demand for UberKITTENS, especially since there was a kitten shortage last year in New York. Once it is set-up, a car will deliver kittens and one of the best parts about this is that they are eligible for adoption, so the cat you spend time with can become a part of your home. In addition to the adoption aspect of this whole effort, every dollar given is donated directly to participating shelters in cities, so Uber is doing a great job at attracting customers and the public by showing concern for animals that need homes. Any animal lover also has the option of donating any amount to the app for the cause. In my opinion, their communication efforts to get users engaged and to try to give back to the community by finding homes for these kittens makes this company stand out against competitors. Attracting animal lovers is a good idea as there are many out there that would love to get 15 minutes with a kitten and help find homes for them.

Uber’s effort is to extend awareness about cat adoption and to promote adopting cats from shelters, rather than from breeders.

So, what is your response to the idea of UberKITTEN?


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4 thoughts on “Uber gives option for kittens-on-demand on National Cat Day

  1. I loved the idea of UberKitten! Although I did not personally tweet to the Uber Chicago, I was definitely tempted to. I think this was a fun and creative way to market their support for the ASPCA and pet adoption.


  2. This is just another reason why Uber is so popular. I use Uber all the time, and I wish I would have known about this kitten thing sooner because I would be all over that. Who doesn’t want an adorable kitten delivered to them at their doorstep? It is also a great way to show that the company cares.


  3. What a fun idea! This is a great way to build community relations and a positive outlook on the service. I am interested to see how many new users Uber obtained from its national cat day promotion.


  4. I think this idea is nice and makes the company look caring, but at the same time I find it somewhat strange. This summer Uber also had a promotion where you could request an Uber and they would bring you ice cream as well. Uber Kittens and Uber Ice Cream is an odd mix to me.


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