Taco Bell No More?


What would you do if your best friend just completely went off the grid and erased all of their social media without telling you? That’s how I felt when I found out that Taco Bell went black on their social media accounts just to advertise their new application, allowing consumers to purchase food directly from the app.

Taco Bell, along with the help of DigitasLBi, launched an iphone and Android application that lets consumers build customizable orders, find nearby locations, check out with a credit card and save favorite items. The app also includes a feature dubbed “rotate to reorder,” which pulls up past orders so customers can easily order their favorite meals.

To launch the new application, Taco Bell erased their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and replaced it with the simple hashtag “#onlyintheapp” on each screen. Each screen would appear completely black and then pop up with the words and the hashtag. It appeared that their 1.4 million followers and simply disappeared along with all of their past posts and publicity. Similar content was also posted through Vine and Snapchat and reached out to those users as well.


Their stunt was unique because instead of just adding their new product to their already existing social media, they worked to separate it from already established social media and create something new that grabbed the attention of it’s viewers.

Following this publicity stunt, the app quickly skyrocketed to become the 22nd most downloaded app in the United States not even 24 hours after they released their “blockout” campaign. This puts the app above popular companies such as Google for its “Google Maps App” and Spotify, a popular music application.






3 thoughts on “Taco Bell No More?

  1. As long as they don’t completely depart from social media then it should be alright. I think people are more inclined to follow a certain company on social media than the use of an app, but I could be wrong. I see people using the app more to actually order food, not find out more information about the company. Exposure to campaigns should be directed to social media, in my opinion.


  2. This is a risky move. I like it, it makes me want to check out the app jut to see what it is all about. I just wonder how they are going to handle social media from this point forward, if they are going to reactivate their accounts, and how they will go about doing so. Overall, I like the tactic though.


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